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2019 Daihatsu Indonesia Masters Result and Review

February 1, 2019 thomjer 0

Kevin Marcus Daihatsu Indonesia Master 2019

Host Indonesia won one title through men’s doubles. The pair Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo / Marcus Fernaldi Gideon became champions after winning all Indonesian finals over Mohammad Ahsan / Hendra Setiawan with a score of 21-17, 21-11. Indonesia has the opportunity to add titles through mixed doubles. However, Tontowi Ahmad / Liliyana Natsir failed to stem the Chinese world number one double, Zheng Siwei / Huang Yaqiong. One title belongs to China. Japan also gets one title through women’s doubles Misaki Matsutomo / Ayaka Takahashi, who won two straight games 21-19, 21-15. Denmark also won one title after Anders Antonsen surprisingly defeated first seed Kento Momota. The title in the women’s singles sector belongs to Saina Nehwal after Carolina Marin resigned in the first game due to injury.

The Spanish women’s singles, Carolina Marin, bitterly ended her work at the Indonesia Masters 2018. He was forced to give up the title of Indonesia Masters belonging to Indian player, Saina Nehwal, after suffering an injury in the first game of the final match at Istora Senayan, Jakarta, Sunday (01/27/2019). The failure was very bitter for Marin. Moreover, Marin decided to withdraw from the match when in a superior position.

Spain Woman's Single Carolina Marin

Marin fell while leading the first game with a score of 9-3. He suffered an injury to his right leg. After falling, the 2016 Olympic gold medalist can still continue the game. In fact, he had time to gain one additional point, as well as Saina Nehwal. However, at 10-4 for Marin’s advantage, the match was finally stopped. Marin asked for the match to end because he was unable to withstand the pain in his leg. He looks very disappointed with the condition. Marin could not hold back his tears when approaching the referee to shake hands. Carolina Marin was also still in tears when waving at the audience who packed Istora. The audience immediately gave warm applause as a form of support to Carolina Marin who was forced to end the final match earlier.

The Danish men’s singles, Anders Antonsen, made a surprise after defeating Kento Momota (Japan) in the Indonesia Masters 2019 final. Antonsen climbed the championship after defeating world number one from Japan, Kento Momota, 21-16, 14-21, 21-16 at Istora Senayan, Jakarta, Sunday (01/27/2019). This victory made Antonsen attenuate a distance of 1-3 in the record meeting with Momota, as well as becoming his first title in a major tournament.

Anders Antonsen Winner of Men's Singles

Final Results

Men’s Singles Champion: Anders Antonsen 

Men’s Doubles Champion: Marcus Fernaldi Gideon / Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo 

Women’s Singles Champion: Saina Nehwal 

Women’s Doubles Champion: Ayaka Takahashi/Misaki Matsutomo 

Mixed Doubles Champion: Huang Yaqiong / Zheng Siwei

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5 Facts Of Daihatsu Indonesia Masters 2019

January 13, 2019 thomjer 0

Daihatsu Indonesia Masters 2019Daihatsu Indonesia Masters 2019 badminton tournament will be held at Istora Gelora Bung Karno Jakarta, starting Tuesday, January 22. Here are some interesting facts about this tournament:

  • Prize

    • Daihatsu Indonesia Masters 2019 is a Super 500 level tournament. This is the fourth level among the biggest prize tournaments, under the World Tour Finals, Super 1000, and Super 750. The participants will compete for 350.000 US$ (4.9 Billion Rupiah).

  • Reigning Champion
    • In last year’s Indonesia Masters, there were two titles won by Indonesian players. Anthony Ginting became champion in the men’s singles number, while Marcus Fernaldi Gideon-Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo became the best in the men’s doubles sector. These two representatives will still be performing this year.
  • Indonesia Open is not friendly to Chinese men’s doubles
    • China usually always managed to carve out the best achievements in each number in every Grand Prix event. However, this does not apply to Indonesia Masters, because out of 5 categories since Indonesia Masters held, China never won all 5 of it in a single sweep. On the notes, since The Indonesia Masters tournament held, not even once they could achieve the best results in the men’s doubles. This proves that Indonesia Masters is not friendly to men’s doubles from China.

Liliyana Natsir and Tontowi Ahmad

  • Liliyana Natsir and Tontowi Ahmad won most titles
    • Mixed Doubles pairs, Liliyana Natsir and Tontowi Ahmad are listed as the most outstanding badminton champions in the Indonesian Masters event. In total, they have collected three titles, namely the first edition in 2010, 2012 and 2015. In terms of the number of titles, no one can compete with them. The closest are Indonesian men’s Doubles, Ahsan-Bona, and Chinese women’s doubles, Luo Ying-Luo Yu who both won two titles in this event.

  • There are only two players who can win the tournament in two consecutive years
    • Indonesia’s dominance in the men’s doubles sector also gave birth to other facts. Namely when the pair Mohammad Ahsan-Bona Septano became the only badminton player who could win two titles in Indonesia Masters in a row. The record was created by Mohammad Ahsan-Bona Septano when winning the Indonesia Masters in the first two years, namely 2010 and 2011. In this case, the record of Mohammad Ahsan-Bona Septano has not been able to be matched by any other pair or badminton player. But in terms of the number of titles, both are still inferior to Indonesia’s flagship mixed doubles pair, Tontowi Ahmad-Liliyana Natsir who has won three times, respectively in 2010, 2012 and 2015. 

Marcus Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya

Marcus Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya, Indonesia’s Ultimate Weapon for 2018 BWF World Tour Finals

December 2, 2018 thomjer 0

Six Indonesian representatives are confirmed to qualify for the 2018 HSBC BWF World Tour Finals tournament. In the tournament which will be held on December 12-16, 2018, the Indonesian men’s doubles, Marcus Fernaldi Gideon/Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo is still the Ultimate Weapon of Indonesia.

Besides Marcus Gideon / Kevin Sanjaya, there are five other Indonesian representatives who will compete in the 2018 BWF World Tour Finals this time. They are:

  • Anthony Sinisuka Ginting and Tommy Sugiarto (Men’s Singles)
  • Mohammad Ahsan / Hendra Setiawan (Men’s Doubles)
  • Greysia Polii / Apriyani Rahayu (Women’s Doubles)
  • Hafiz Faizal and Gloria Emanuelle Widjaja (Mixed Doubles)

Marcus/Kevin became Indonesian Ultimate Weapon in the 2018 BWF World Tour Finals is reasonable. In the ranking of players who qualified for the tournament in Guangzhou, the Minions (Marcus/Kevin) took first place with 108,400 points. The number of Marcus/Kevin points is far above that of other men’s doubles players. With second place players, Marcus/Kevin has a difference of 20 thousand more points. During 2018, Marcus Gideon / Kevin Sanjaya won eight titles.

Even so, there is still little concern about the performance of The Minions in the 2018 BWF World Tour Finals. Marcus/Kevin did manage to achieve brilliant achievements during 2018, but they have experienced defeat from Han Chengkai/Zhou Haodong three times. In the 2018 China Open and 2018 French Open tournament, Marcus/Kevin must recognize the superiority of the Chinese men’s doubles. To overcome these concerns, Marcus/Kevin has had a lot of discussion with Herry Imam Pierngadi, PP PBSI Men Double Head Coach.

“If you want to see the defeat there are a lot of causal factors. First, about the service judge like what happened at the China Open, it really disturbs their concentration. We have discussed this, what should be done if something like this happens again. We have finished the preparation and the strategy.” Said Herry Imam Perngadi, PP PBSI Men Double Head Coach.

All Six Indonesian representatives confirmed to fly heading Guangzhou, China. They all will fight on the upcoming 2018 HSBC BWF World Tour Finals. 

Here is a list of 32 players who will take part in the 2018 BWF World Tour Finals on 12 December 2018.

  • Men’s Singles
    1. Kento Momota (Japan)
    2. Chou Tien Chen (Taipei)
    3. Tommy Sugiarto (Indonesia)
    4. Anthony Sinisuka Ginting (Indonesia)
    5. Shi Yuqi (China)
    6. Sameer Verma (India)
    7. Kantaphon Wangcharoen (Thailand)
    8. Son Wan Ho (South Korea)


  • Woman’s Singles
    1. Tai Tzu Ying (Taipei)
    2. Nozomi Okuhara (Japan)
    3. Akane Yamaguchi (Japan)
    4. Chen Yufei (China)
    5. Rachanok Intanon (Thailand)
    6. Pusarla V Sindhu (India)
    7. Michelle Li (Canada)
    8. Beiwen Zhang (U.S.A.)


  • Men’s Double’s
    1. Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo – Marcus Fernaldi Gideon (Indonesia)
    2. Wang Chi-Lin – Chen Hing Lin (Taipei)
    3. Su Ching Heng – Liao Min Chun (Taipei)
    4. Zhou Haodong – Han Chengkai (China)
    5. Anders Skaarup Rasmussen – Kim Astrup (Denmark)
    6. Shin Seung Chan – Lee So Hee (South Korea)
    7. Stefani Stoeva – Gabriela Stoeva (Bulgaria)
    8.  Jia Yifan – Chen Qingchen (China)


  • Mixed Doubles
    1. Huang Yaqiong – Zheng Siwei (China)
    2. Arisa Higashino – Yuta Watanabe (Japan)
    3. Sapsiree Taerattanachai – Dechapol Puavaranukroh (Thailand)
    4. Goh Liu Ying – Chan Peng Soon (Malaysia)
    5. Huang Dongping – Wang Yilyu (China)
    6. Gloria Emanuelle Widjaja – Hafiz Faizal (Indonesia)
    7. Lai Shevon Jemie – Goh Soon Huat (Malaysia)
    8. Lauren Smith – Marcus Ellis (England)
Fuzhou China Open 2018

5 Champions of 2018 Fuzhou China Open

November 19, 2018 thomjer 0

The Fuzhou China Open 2018 badminton tournament ended on Sunday (11/11), after competing for five final matches (men’s / women’s singles, men’s / women’s doubles, mixed doubles). Five champions in each number have climbed the podium after winning in the final. Here is our review about each champion.

1. Kento Momota

Kento Momota - Japan

The world number 1 male singles from Japan, Kento Momota, extended his dominance in the men’s singles sector in 2018. Kento Momota won the 2018 Fuzhou China Open after winning three games (rubber games) over Taiwanese players, Chou Tien-Chen for 1 hour 6 minutes which became the longest final (21-13, 11-21, 21-16). This is the title of the four players this year in the 2018 BWF World Tour tournament. Previously, Momota had won the Indonesia Open, Japan Open, Denmark Open. Not to mention the 2018 Asia championship title and the 2018 World Championship title. This year is indeed the year of Momota.

2. Chen Yufei

Chen Yufei - China

China’s best single, Chen Yufei, finally won her first title in 2018. Chen Yufei won the Fuzhou China Open 2018 after a straight game victory over Japanese women’s Nozomi Okuhara with a score of 21-10, 21-16 in 43 minutes. Previously, this 20-year-old player always failed in an effort to win the title in 2018. Three times to enter the final, Chen Yufei always lost. First, in the German Open Super 300, he was defeated by a Japanese player. Akane Yamaguchi is in the final. Then in the 2018 Indonesia Open, he lost to world number 1 player Tai Tzu-ying. While in the China Open 2018 in September, he lost to 2018 world champion from Spain, Carolina Marin.

3. Lee So Hee/Shin Seung Chan

Lee So Hee/Shin Seung Chan - South Korea

Japanese women’s doubles dominated this BWF tournament throughout 2018. However, in the Fuzhou China Open 2018, the dominance of the Japanese women’s doubles was stopped by Korean women’s doubles, Lee So Hee / Shin Seung Chan. Lee / Shin won two straight games over the Japanese double 2018 world champion, Mayu Matsumoto / Wakana Nagahara 23-21, 21-18 in 52 minutes. This is Lee So Hee / Shin Seung Chan’s first title in 2018. Previously, three Japanese doubles like taking turns won titles. Namely Hirota Yuki Fukushima / Sayaka, Ayaka Takahashi / Misaki Matsutomo and Mayu Matsumoto / Wakana Nagahara.

4. Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong

Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong - China

In 2018 this is indeed the year of China’s mixed doubles. Primarily for partner Zheng Siwei / Huang Yaqiong. They are like having no match. In fact, they continue to harvest titles. Latest, Siwei / Yaqiong won the Fuzhou China Open 2018 after defeating compatriot Wang Yilu / Huang Dongping through three games 21-15, 11-21, 21-19.

This is the seventh title of the BWF tournament for Siwei / Yaqiong in 2018. They were previously champions in Indonesia Masters, Malaysia Open, Japan Open, China Open, Denmark Open, French Open. Plus the title in the 2018 World Championship and the 2018 Asian Games gold medal. Interestingly, this is the fourth final of the all-Chinese final between Siwei / Yaqiong and Yilu Dongping and all of them have won. That shows that China is indeed dominating the mixed doubles sector.

5. Marcus Gideon/Kevin Sanjaya

Kevin/Marcus - Indonesia

Indonesian men’s doubles, Marcus Gideon / Kevin Sanjaya won the Fuzhou China Open 2018 after defeating a young Chinese couple, He Jiting / Tan Qiang through rubber games 25-27, 21-17, 21-15 for 58 minutes. Marcus / Kevin managed to move on from defeat in the 2018 French Open final last week. The men’s doubles final which was the closing of the 2018 Fuzhou China Open took place fiercely since the first game. Marcus / Kevin has lagged several times in the points. In fact, Jiting / Tanqing first won the game points 20-18. However, Marcus / Kevin managed to score 20-20 and forced setting points. The score was the same 24-24. However, the Chinese double will finally win 27-25. But, in the second and third games, Marcus / Kevin showed their champion’s mentality to turn to win.

The 2018 Fuzhou China Open title is the seventh title for Marcus / Kevin in this 2018 BWF World Tour tournament. Previously, the world number 1 men’s doubles managed to win in Indonesia Masters, Indian Open, All England Open, Indonesia Open, Japan Open and Denmark Open. The men’s doubles nicknamed Duo Minions also won the 2018 Asian Games gold medal.

Follow The Steps to Bet Malaysian Badminton Players to Get Profit.

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The former Malaysian men’s singles coach, Rashid Sidek, wrote that betting habits among players are not new. “I have to admit that this is nothing new,” Rashid said. “In fact, this is not a local issue because players from other countries also bet one of them around the training,” he said. “Of course there is a danger of use, that is, when we are not aware of what they have done. The number of bets is big, there is a spirit to get more money,” Rashid said again.

Rashid’s statement came after a number of Malaysian public’s later periods were stirred by claims of an anonymous source about betting habits. The source recited the players working on bets around training, even finding protection from the coach. For this claim, the Rashid wrote is not entirely wrong.

This happened because Rashid judged that betting activities might encourage players to increase their play around training. Although not wrong, Rashid added that the activity could lead to serious outbreaks.

“Actually, it all depends on the situation. If it involves players betting on things to support games such as increasing energy drinks or push-ups, then it becomes something different,” Rashid said again. Going forward, Rashid wants the habit of betting one player around training to be handled as quickly as possible.

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Bet Henry’s Predictions on Indonesian Men’s Doubles at All England 2018 in Online Sportsbooks

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Herry Prediction for Indonesian Men’s Doubles at All England 2018

PBSI’s Men’s Double Head Coach, Herry Iman Pierngadi, guessed the opportunities and things that had to be passed by a number of combined Indonesian who became the foundation for winning the title at All England 2018 on March 14-18. “For Hendra / Ahsan, I think the determination was in the second round, against Zhang Nan / Liu Cheng [China],” Herry said on the PBSI website, Tuesday (3/13).

But, continued Herry, they also had to remain vigilant since the first round of which was against the Dutch pair, Jacco Arends / Ruben Jille. If they can pass the second round, they have hope. Then, about Kevin / Marcus, Herry said, before he left for Germany to follow the German Open 2018 BWF Word Super 300 Tour, both of them were still not injured.

“Indeed there are still not a lot of injuries in Marcus’s hands, Kevin too. But in the balance of preparations in the past week, I think it has improved, although not 100%,” he said. Based on information from Herry, Marcus and Kevin certainly knew their respective situations. “Usually they will anticipate the different strategy of the game. But even then we must know, Kevin / Marcus has never enjoyed the new service rules,” he said.

Kevin / Marcus if they are safe or fit the new rules of BWF, Herry assesses that both will not be too challenged at All England 2018. Before leaving for Germany, PBSI has three times caused service judges to serve to assess Kevin / Marcus services and results secure.

“Marcus is at least twice a fault, it’s still normal, because before this rule they even like to be faulted once or twice, especially Kevin,” he said. But from the three sessions with the Indonesian service judge, they said that Kevin’s service had no problems. “But you see the facts in the real match,” Herry said.

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2018, Europe overtakes North America as the most profitable continental market for online poker

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Global game internet gross game yield (GGY) declined by more than $ 1 billion between 2010 and 2014 and will drop to $ 3.22bn by the end of 2019, data sent to Insider Gambling has already been shown.

Based on information from (GBGC), poker online most liketly in Europe and Asia in all worlds was GGY from $ 4.99bn in 2010 and the decrement up to four billion in 2011. It was the same year in which two casino companies which operated in US area were blocked on Black Friday with the same treatment in Asia for Agen Poker Online Terpercaya like Jaypoker.

The downward trend continues in the next three years and 2014 the amount is $ 3.87bn, before being predicted to drop to $ 3.61bn for 2015, and this means that the figure will decrease by 28% around five years. The decline was allegedly deteriorated by GBGC this year, to $ 3.53bn, and the next three years.

Should the 2019 forecast be correct, this would indicate a 9% decline in the three-year period between 2016 and 2019, compared with an estimated 14% decline between 2013 and 2016, indicating that deceleration rates will at least slow over the next three years.

Separate figures indicate that Europe overtook North America as a highly profitable continental market for internet poker between 2005 and 2015, as the share of global interactive poker that GGY increased from 33% to 58% in those days.

Revenue Graphic of Poker Online 2000 to 2017

The North American figure in 2010 was 34%, which means that the 2010-2015 slump format was the similar impact with 5 years ago, when the casino online was legally prohibited.

The Poker Online figures also show that Asia’s market share rose from 3% to 13% between 2005 and 2015.

Lorien Pilling, Director of GBGC, said: “Some online poker rooms seek to scoop off casual players who spend less and / or split into non-poker gambling services.

“Encouragement for the development of key countries that organize poker in the US. Some seem to be getting closer but not really taking the final stage.”

Preliminary days have been blocked for North American partypoker MILLIONS within the Playground Poker Club. The $ 10,300 High Roller has been blocked with only 26 players chasing bags. Darren Elias (the main photo, together with Jonathan Duhamel) comes as a chip leader with an impressive 6,200,000 and will be the one to be surpassed when Day 2 starts.

Elias has a well-documented resume to support his Day 1 performance. The New Jersey native has collected more than $ 5.5 million in career income with his biggest win coming in the Borgata WPT in 2014 of $ 843,744. Elias will explore to increase the total but will have a number of rigid companies to go through.

Marc MacDonnell didn’t sit too far in the distance, pocketing 6,135,000. MacDonnell held the chip lead for the better part of the day, but Elias’s late rally almost overtook him. Rounding up the top three is David Eldridge (6,000,000) who is the only different player who has a minimum of six million chips.

Several other figures for creating Day 2 belong to partypoker Sponsored Pro Kristen Bicknell (1,285,000), Parker Talbot (2,850,000), Chris Moorman (5,280,000), Victor Ramdin (5,900,000), Anthony Zinno (3,190,000) and Martin Jacobson (870,000).

When the action took place at 12:00 local time, there were only 11 players in their seats. The number grows quickly and at first sleep, the number of entries is more than 40. Players are only given the option to enter once again, to the point that they are forced to walk lightly after overcoming their first bullet. When the late registration is closed, a total of 80 entries are counted, to the point that the prize amount becomes $ 970,000. There will be 10 players who can go in cash in their pockets and the winner will bring home a cool $ 300,000.

There will no doubt be a few faces that are known on the field today, but unfortunately, not all of them will be successful past the day without injury.

The remaining 26 players will depart at 12:00 a.m. on Sunday, April 22 for Day 2 of the tournament. The action will open at level 13 with blinds at 35,000 / 70,000 and ante 70,000 buttons. The action will continue throughout the day with a level of 40 minutes and will be played until the winner is crowned.

Asian Group : Indonesian Men and Daughters Compete With Taiwan in The Quarterfinals!

August 12, 2018 thomjer 0

On the third day of the Asian Collection Championship (Malaysia · Arrow · Stars) held on February 8, the male and female refresher leagues were held. The league combination started here.

The Japanese from Group B who have concluded to advance to the final tournament have fallen through the first rank with the powerful Korea · Korea. When the first single was appointed Nishimoto Kenta, he fought against South Korea’s Ace As, Sung Wan Ho. The game entangled with the last match scores points against one is the same and that is a fight near 20 paddles. Finally, Sun Moon Tiger created two dresses in a row, and Japan became a black star.

Then Keigo Sonoda / Takeshi Kamura from the first double was a 2-0 straight victory, Kazumasa Sakai’s second single, Takuro / Kobayashi Yuware Hockey was both a 0-2 defeat in the second double. At this point, the Japanese star was decided, but the third single ‘Momota Ken Do was demarcated by the last game 21-10.

Korea and Japan will continue to the quarter-finals for Group B and Japan will face Indonesia, which is ranked number one in group D. When Japan wins Indonesia, it will fall with Thailand VS Korea winners in the semi-finals.

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【Men’s Final Tournament】

▼ Quarter Final

China (1st in Group A) – India (2nd in group D)

Malaysia (1st in C) – Hong Kong (2nd in Group A)

Thailand (2nd in C) – Korea (1st in B)

Indonesia (first place in group D) – Japan (second place in group B)

Japanese girls fight against Indian group W · enemies who fight three teams. Decorate the win in Hong Kong in the first round of matches, Hong Kong has the final of the Japanese tournament determined by the fact that they feel two eye losses. After it was supposed to aim for the first location to pass, Akane Yamaguchi, who appeared in the first single in India’s first match, lost straight 0-2 to Pusarura · V. Sindhu. But then the singles from Sayaka Sato, and Aya Ohori graced the winning streak, sources AS Koharu / Shiho Tanaka doubles, Japan wins 4-1 Hold Takahashi Reihana / Misaki Matsutomo is victorious. I conclude to pass Group W for the first location and advance to the final tournament.

Japan girls rate the match against Taiwan in the quarter-finals, compete for Indonesia VS India winners and semi-finals if they win.

【Women’s Championship Tournament】

▼ Quarter Final

Japan (1st Group W) – Taiwan (2nd X pair)

Indonesia (first place in group Z) – India (second place in group W)

China (group 2 in Z) – Thailand (group 1 in Y)

Korea (first place in group X) – Malaysia (second place in group Y)

The results of the preliminary round are as follows.


▼ Group A

China (2 wins) 5-0 Hong Kong (1 win and 1 defeat)

※ China and Hong Kong advance to the final tournament

▼ Group B

Korea (2 wins) 3-2 Japan (1 wins and 1 loses)

MS1 Promotes tigers ② [21-11,19-21,22-20] 1 ● Nishimoto KenFutoshi 81 minutes

MD1 Kanemoto ho / Xu UketamawaOsamu ● 0 [15-21,14-21] ② Keigo Sonoda / Takeshi Kamura 34 minutes

MS 2 All-Chen ② [21-17, 21-14] 0 ● Kazuo Sakai 46 minutes

MD2 催 率 Kei / gold 德 永 ② [21-9,21-9] 0 ● Hockey Takuro / Kobayashi Yuware 27 minutes

MS 3 Peng Hui ● 1 [21-13, 18-21, 10-21] ② Momota Kenjo 51 minutes

Kazakhstan (1 win and 2 losses) 5 – 0 Nepal (3 losses)

※ Korea and Japan advance to the final tournament

▼ Group C

Thailand (2 wins and 1 loss) 5 – 0 Myanmar (3 losses)

Malaysia (2 wins and 1 defeat) 5-0 Taiwan (2 wins and 1 loss)

Malaysia and Thailand advance to the final tournament according to the level of the match

▼ Group D

Philippines (1 win and 2 losses) 5 – 0 Maldives (3 losses)

Indonesia (3 wins) 3-2 India (2 wins and 1 loss)

※ Indonesia and India advance to the final tournament


▼ Group W

Japan (2 wins) 4-1 India (1 win and 1 loss)

WS 1 Yamaguchi Akane ● 0 [19-21, 15-21] ② Psarla · V. Sindu 36 minutes

WS 2 Sato Saeka ② [21-12, 21-12] 0 ● Sri Krishna Prya Kudara Bali 26 minutes

WS 3 Aki Ohori ② [21-14, 21-12] 0 ● Ashwini · Ponnapa 26 minutes

WD 2 Yuan Koharu / Shiho Tanaka ② [21-17, 21-17] 0 ● Sawanto / Golpeed 32 minutes

WD 1 Reika Takahashi / Tomomi Matsumi 佐 紀 ② [21-18, 21-18] 0 ● Ponnapper / Lady 441 minutes

※ Japan and India advance to the final tournament

▼ Group X

Korea (2 wins) 5-0 Taiwan (1 win and 1 defeat)

※ South Korea and Taiwan will advance to the final tournament

▼ Group Y

Thailand (3 wins) 3-2 Malaysia (2 wins and 1 loss)

Vietnam (1 win and 2 losses) 5 – 0 Philippines (3 losses)

※ Thailand and Malaysia advance to the final tournament

▼ Group Z

Indonesia (2 wins) 3 – 2 Chinese (1 win and 1 loss)

※ Indonesia and China advance to the final tournament.

Players appointed for each match participate in the order of the world’s top rankings (January 25). In addition, the order of the game will change depending on the player who is doubly useful as a single player.

This is the final result of the last event

◆ Japanese representative

Men: Nishimoto KenFutoshi, Kazumasa Sakai, Kanta Tsuneyama, Kento Momota, Keigo Sonoda / Takeshi Kamura, Hoki Takuro / Kobayashi Yuware, Hiroyuki Endo / Watanabe IsamuMasaru

Female: Akane Yamaguchi, Okuhara hope, Sayaka Sato, Aya Ohori, Takahashi Reihana / Misaki Matsutomo, Yuki Fukushima / Ayaka Hirota, source of AS Koharu / Shiho Tanaka

Badminton in Asia From 2017 Until 2018

July 16, 2018 thomjer 0

Eighteen students from 6 th to 1 st brilliantly represent the Shanghai French School in the Badminton Asia Championship which took place from 22-25 November in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Girl U12
Emma Dumaret (6 th), Laetitia Lemonnier (6 th) and Amélie Ye (5 th)

U12 Boys
Martin Shan (5), Jonathan Massy (6 th) and Baptiste Girard (5)

U14 Girl
Jade Lescure (3e) Elisa Lemonnier (4 e) and Agatha Merleverde (4 e)

U14 Boys
Ouessant Sourget-Langlois (3 e), Vincent Lu (3 e) and Adrien Gatimel (3 e)

U16 girls
Carla Luciani (1 e), Lucia (Yanxi) Zhou (2 e) and Lea Couvry (3 e)

U16 Boys
Hugo Couvry (1 e), Corentin Davion (2 e) and Alexandre Fabre (2 e)


Very unique results with 5 achievements:

A gold medal for our U14 girls.
Gold medal for our U16 girls
The silver medal for Hugo Couvry in the men’s single, U16 (3 Indonesians in the semifinals)
Bronze medal for single female Jade Lescure U14 (4 th and 5 th place of Elisa and Agathe)
Bronze medal for Amélie Ye U12 double lady (with partner from Jakarta.
Shanghai is 3 è 8, with 5 medals out of 25 potential and not least 4 th and 5 th place.
Jakarta and the local school of the solimbad association that helps “street children” dominate the debate.

Jade RUSSELL and I are proud of our buds for their attitude around living, on and off the field. Thanks to WeChat, we’ve enabled the family to follow the path of competition and we thank them for their insistence and the warmest feedback.

25% of families in schools that receive players from 8 schools in AEFE Asia-Pacific Zone,
An association: ” Solibad ” that helps street children to leverage badminton (the level of the game is really good) but also helps them to practice pursuing a job. Next year, the oldest student of the association must join the Decathlon company at the age of 18,
An expert rivalry led (teacher: Laurent Simon and Jean-Paul) in the badminton living legend (national sport) Taufik Hidayat, 1 st Olympic champion in Indonesia
Lots of activities for the French Lycée staff in Jakarta we received again,
Unforgettable moment!
Good results for LFS.
Jakarta is not uncommon times is a great experience for our LFS badistes and the whole is ready for selection Jakarta 2018/2019.


“The most rewarding experience, I learned is not a bit of sport, the most well-organized meetings and tournaments, thanks to the committee, great sayings to all the LFS teams and thanks to the coaches.”
(Hugo Couvry)

“This is really the Asian Badminton Cup, a super family and students from a different school too, an empirical to have and repeat.”
(Jade Lescure)

Badminton School In Indonesia, Are We Really Ready

July 8, 2018 thomjer 0

The true star in Sukarno’s land, the driving enthusiast has dominated the world’s elite for nearly half a century. They are one of the favorites of the French international who passed by Sunday.

Salle Pierre-de-Coubertin, in Paris, hosted until Sunday, October 28, the French Badminton. Integrated since 2008 in the Superseries world circuit, this stage will have a taste of Indonesia since, although the world number 5 package Simon Santoso, 7 singles players and 13 pairs of doubles come from the country Sukarno. Indeed, in order to the world’s largest archipelagic state, badminton is not an anecdote. This discipline collects 18 out of 25 Indonesian Olympic medals. Six Olympic titles, 18 world titles, 13 Thomas Cup wins, the equivalent of a Davis Cup, badminton Indonesia has a track record along the arm.
Introduced by the Chinese minority of Malaysia in northern Sumatra elements in the late 1920s, badminton in Indonesia has changed from the initial disturbance at local fairs to competitive sporting events where the three clusters clashed. the most dominant ethnic group in the country: Java-Indonesia, China and the Netherlands (former colonial domination). This sport felt a real explosion in the 1950s. “At the time, the best players came from the Chinese minority, this is still happening today, even if different plays a more urgent role than on the parpar. Nt,” said Colin Brown, professor of political and social science at Parahyangan University in Bandung.

While Indonesia is trying to glow in sports competition, driving crazy is the very beginning of the cause of national honor, constantly provoking young guards. In 1959, Tan Joe Hok was the only Indonesian to win All England, Wimbledon Badminton. In the 1960s, Rudy Hartono earned an unrivaled record of winning a prestigious British tournament seven times in a row.


“There are only two countries where badminton is really a national sport: Malaysia and Indonesia,” explained Bertrand Gallet, a former national player and coach who handles all singles. “If you match with football, Indonesia however Brazil is badminton, there is not a bit of supervision, a strict organization of training, the best that will recover after it will be met in the rUe,” he said.

The Rasidi, Weny and Arif, representing these spectacular generations fed these winners and relative anarchy. Installed in France for about ten years, their courses are most important. “My dad was playing with his friends, and I naturally opened at the age of 6 in Kediri, East Java, where I was born, and I practiced as fast as five times a week,” said Weny Rasidi, who defended French colors on an international level. “Badminton appear in each environment and can be played in individual rooms chartered by associations or outside until late,” said the woman who now holds a coach position at Chambly (Oise). Her husband, Arif, who played about two years in the Indonesian national team from 1999 to 2001, was also a product traced from this habit phenomenon. “As soon as you are old enough to use them, we give you snow shoes”, engrossing former training partners of all tricolor players and former assistants of all women and men in Poland. badminton.

This precondition and this power contribute to the constitution of solid and varied tips. “You find the basics faster, and even if badminton is an individual sport, the emulation of numbers leads to civilization,” said Weny Rasidi. Various technicians also allow to watch the players thoroughly appear. “Each coach has his own style, which offers so many techniques,” said Arif Rasidi.


The Olympic champion in Athens in 2004, the world champion next year Taufik Hidayat is for many years the ultimate success of the Indonesian model. Brice Leverdez, France’s number 1 and ranked 48th in the world, does not hide his admiration of the current world number 12: “He is a legend in his country, but in the world of badminton Meanwhile, not much behind in recent years, the quality of decline, it hits the hard forehand. “” Hidayat exudes spectacular fluidity and relaxation, it is forged through hard work, all the Indonesian blocks in bina that handle e “stands Brice Leverdez.

Dominator until the 2000s, however, badminton Indonesia clearly lost momentum. At the London Olympics in August, the envoy did not file a medal for the first time since the introduction of discipline to the 1992 Olympic program in Barcelona. The Chinese are obviously on top of the wind by sweeping the five titles involved. “He remains the main nation, but power the Indonesian school is the property of the past, “Judge Bertrand Gallet, the French technician believes to support some of this decadence.” Indonesian players have relied on their body and base. They are satisfied too not infrequently fai re last exchange, wheels in the field n “he said the Chinese school is, he’s new to .to develop his specialist game:” China has evolved. They mastered the technique, the intermediate game that created the difference today. In extreme conditions, this allows them to attempt to photograph. “Badminton remains a sport that, in Indonesia, has not yet completed the transition to business, requiring a scientific approach to games to rationalize might win,” said Australian researcher Colin Brown Although they are not needed from the 1950s until the end of the century, the unique investment, keeping and teaching the best is inevitable to race with the Chinese fleet and with a willingness to move forward. “The best players prefer to join the teams in Zealand New, the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong or Taiwan, which offer them better play, teaching and financial conditions, “said Colin Brown. Given the difficulty at the moment, French badminton has moved away from the Indonesian model.” It is difficult to note the Asian method, you will never find the same results, “said Brice Leverdez agonals are now in the making of a clean style. “Indonesia is no longer an inspiration, but I am more interested in Denmark, it is a real school, not a few Danish people and they are the only ones competing with Asia” added Bertrand Gallet. If the criticism is harsh, optimism does not exist: “The Indonesian players’ groups are similar to the foreclosure with a harsh acknowledgment to their followers:” When the French players are still trying to cope with one or two rounds in the main rival, the failure of Indonesia means to write a quarter or a half … “