Badminton in Asia From 2017 Until 2018

July 16, 2018 thomjer 0

Eighteen students from 6 th to 1 st brilliantly represent the Shanghai French School in the Badminton Asia Championship which took place from 22-25 November in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Girl U12
Emma Dumaret (6 th), Laetitia Lemonnier (6 th) and Amélie Ye (5 th)

U12 Boys
Martin Shan (5), Jonathan Massy (6 th) and Baptiste Girard (5)

U14 Girl
Jade Lescure (3e) Elisa Lemonnier (4 e) and Agatha Merleverde (4 e)

U14 Boys
Ouessant Sourget-Langlois (3 e), Vincent Lu (3 e) and Adrien Gatimel (3 e)

U16 girls
Carla Luciani (1 e), Lucia (Yanxi) Zhou (2 e) and Lea Couvry (3 e)

U16 Boys
Hugo Couvry (1 e), Corentin Davion (2 e) and Alexandre Fabre (2 e)


Very unique results with 5 achievements:

A gold medal for our U14 girls.
Gold medal for our U16 girls
The silver medal for Hugo Couvry in the men’s single, U16 (3 Indonesians in the semifinals)
Bronze medal for single female Jade Lescure U14 (4 th and 5 th place of Elisa and Agathe)
Bronze medal for Amélie Ye U12 double lady (with partner from Jakarta.
Shanghai is 3 è 8, with 5 medals out of 25 potential and not least 4 th and 5 th place.
Jakarta and the local school of the solimbad association that helps “street children” dominate the debate.

Jade RUSSELL and I are proud of our buds for their attitude around living, on and off the field. Thanks to WeChat, we’ve enabled the family to follow the path of competition and we thank them for their insistence and the warmest feedback.

25% of families in schools that receive players from 8 schools in AEFE Asia-Pacific Zone,
An association: ” Solibad ” that helps street children to leverage badminton (the level of the game is really good) but also helps them to practice pursuing a job. Next year, the oldest student of the association must join the Decathlon company at the age of 18,
An expert rivalry led (teacher: Laurent Simon and Jean-Paul) in the badminton living legend (national sport) Taufik Hidayat, 1 st Olympic champion in Indonesia
Lots of activities for the French Lycée staff in Jakarta we received again,
Unforgettable moment!
Good results for LFS.
Jakarta is not uncommon times is a great experience for our LFS badistes and the whole is ready for selection Jakarta 2018/2019.


“The most rewarding experience, I learned is not a bit of sport, the most well-organized meetings and tournaments, thanks to the committee, great sayings to all the LFS teams and thanks to the coaches.”
(Hugo Couvry)

“This is really the Asian Badminton Cup, a super family and students from a different school too, an empirical to have and repeat.”
(Jade Lescure)