Follow The Steps to Bet Malaysian Badminton Players to Get Profit.

October 15, 2018 thomjer 0

The former Malaysian men’s singles coach, Rashid Sidek, wrote that betting habits among players are not new. “I have to admit that this is nothing new,” Rashid said. “In fact, this is not a local issue because players from other countries also bet one of them around the training,” he said. “Of course there is a danger of use, that is, when we are not aware of what they have done. The number of bets is big, there is a spirit to get more money,” Rashid said again.

Rashid’s statement came after a number of Malaysian public’s later periods were stirred by claims of an anonymous source about betting habits. The source recited the players working on bets around training, even finding protection from the coach. For this claim, the Rashid wrote is not entirely wrong.

This happened because Rashid judged that betting activities might encourage players to increase their play around training. Although not wrong, Rashid added that the activity could lead to serious outbreaks.

“Actually, it all depends on the situation. If it involves players betting on things to support games such as increasing energy drinks or push-ups, then it becomes something different,” Rashid said again. Going forward, Rashid wants the habit of betting one player around training to be handled as quickly as possible.

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