What has 108 dresses and a big heart?

Katie Davidson, that’s who! Katie, a student at Parkside Institute organized a dress drive, a collection of dresses, for the Princess Project. Not only did Katie organize the drive within her own school, but she convinced three other schools to join in. Together they gathered 108 dresses that will go towards making sure that every girl in Elgin county has a dress to wear to prom or graduation.

How did you find out about the Princess Project and what made you decide to start the Dress Drive?
I found out about the princess project when my aunt was going to be a vendor at a fundraiser that Jody Goodhue was organizing for the princess project . My aunt asked if i would volunteer .

You decided not only to include your own school but three others in St. Thomas. How did you convince the other schools to join in with your project?

By asking the three other schools to join in I figured there would definitely be some rivalry I had to contact the principals from each school . It was really easy , everyone seemed really open up to the idea i asked for permission and everything was a go . Since i attend parkside it was much easier to spread the word about the dress drive , I’m hoping for next years drive to make it more successful. I’m looking for student contacts at each of the schools so they can get the word out and work towards next years goal .

This years drive has been a great success. Are there any plans for another one next year, and if so, are there plans to expand the number of schools contributing?

Absolutely , like i mentioned earlier id like to find a student at each of the schools in Elgin county . Anyone interested can contact me at dressdrive@hotmail.ca and we can work together to make next years dress drive bigger and better than this years .

I know that, at the blog, we are very impressed by the Dress Drive. You are still young, what is your next challenge?

Apart from working on the Dress Drive 2012 , canvassing for donations and prizes for next years drive (by the way) if any readers have dresses to donate and cant wait till next years drive – please contact Jody Goodhue at prncssprjct@aol.com .

I am currently working with another student in my business class on P.A.D.D Parkside Against Distracted Driving . We are working on raising awareness about texting and driving. We are also planning an assembly which will take place in June . I enjoyed working on this project .so much , if any readers are looking for someone to help with their fundraiser id love to join in anyway i can . Contact me at katie_8@hotmail.com .

While the emphasis is on dresses, boys were able to contribute clothing as well. Was there a good turn out by the boys or did the dresses eclipse their efforts?

The focus this year was on dresses although next year I’d like to open it up to any type or formal wear . Mr.Palmer, a teacher at Parkside won one of our prizes for most dresses donated . I’m hoping alot more men will step up .

Thank you Katie Davidson for being amazing. We wish you every luck in the future.

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