Computer Help

Do you get confused when your computers asks you to hit any key and you can’t find the ‘any’ key? Do you still try and buy floppy disks? Do you remember a time before Google?

Fear not! The newly established Tech Team is here to help. We are experienced in the art of Google. We have black belts in the discipline of formatting. We know how to use Facebook!

We want to run around dressed like ninjas but for insurance purposes we are only allowed to do so in the comfort of TSTB Towers.

We understand how frustrating it can be to be faced with a blue screen of death or a smarmy apple genius………

What we intend to do it help educate yourself so that you don’t have to call your younger relatives, an expensive shop or service, and can get the warm glow of fixing your own issues.

While we are starting slowly, we intend to make sure you have a large library of information that you could reference in order to fix what it is that ails you.

Lesson one: For windows users, most problems magically disappear when you reboot the computer. It is strange but true.

For more helpful hints, please visit the blog and click on HELP under the TECH menu option. Each day for the foreseeable future, we will be posting a video, created by Google, to help you learn the basics of computers. We have faith that you can learn!

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