Donate your empties please

St Thomas Elgin General Hospital” (STEGH) is collecting beer cans, wine and beer bottles to raise money for a new Unit Dose Machine for the pharmacy. These machines cost around $350,000- and will help as one of the new steps to greatly improve our local patient care!

St Thomas resident, and general awesome person, Micky Schroeder is trying to beat her collection record of last year- close to FOUR THOUSAND items collected personally! She doesn’t get paid for this or anything- but she collects for the whole year to get as many as possible! Micky’s awesome quest ends this year on JULY 5th, and she’s still about 1000 items short of her goal.

If you want to donate your empties- and think how much farther that $3 worth of refund could go!- donations can be dropped off in the yard of 209 Adelaide St & Harrison Pl. Orchard Beach, Port Stanley OR CALL 782-3523 ( Micky’s mom) to arrange for FREE pickup!

A big shout-out to Morgan Brittan van Wyk for letting us know about this amazing person!

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  1. WOO! Thanks for posting the info, guys, and thanks for READING it, fellow awesome people! Micky’s already had one call for a pickup, so that’s fantastic! Please spread the word, and we can help a great person meet her goals AND make our local hospital a more functional place! :)

  2. Thank you awfully much Morgan for the kudos and Nathan for posting. A big Thank You to Chris the first to donate via the TSTB and she has already committed to next year. Remember to drink responsibly.

  3. Sounds like a great cause, you’ve got my support, drinking for a great cause what could be better, well I better get Busy.
    P.S. Don’t drink and drive!

  4. It is very hard to find a more committed and dedicated person than Micky. I have learned this first hand. She puts her heart and soul into whatever needs doing.

  5. Great news! Micky dropped off her grand total last night!
    Last year she raised somewhere in the range of 3200 bottles and cans, personally collected. THIS YEAR: with your awesome help, lovely blog readers!- she collected 3623!! That’s about 35 more cases of donated empties! Way to GO, guys! She’s already collecting again for next year, so keep this article tagged.. she’ll come pick them up! :)