Get in Gear- nutrition and wellness program

We currently have 10 spaces available for a 36 class wellness program spanning 12 weeks.

At less than $8.50 a week (half the price of attending a single weight watchers meeting) the $100 program entitles you to be part of 3 weekly classes featuring a new kind of nutrition and fitness workshop geared to all levels of nutritional knowledge and physical abilities. We feel it is important bringing diet and exercise together in one program to ensure continued success for our participants as well as offering support and social interaction as part of the package.

Monday evenings we will focus on nutrition, food journals, menu planning and other food related topics. Wednesday evenings our focus will shift to group cardio exercise and finishing off our week on Saturday doing strength training where there is little to no special equipment needed so you can get an extra session in on your own time at home.

We recognize that not everyone’s goal is to lose weight, our “Get into Gear” workshops are designed to foster an encouraging atmosphere, share information and provide women with a non-competitive informative and social program that encourages healthy choices.

No prior gym experience needed, and we will offer OPTIONAL weigh ins on Mondays for those who like to be able to quantify their results.

At the completion of the program attendees with perfect attendance will be able to participate in a draw for prizes to show our appreciation for their commitment to our program.


For more information contact Julie at

Organizer: Unique Boutique Unlimited/Button Gear

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  1. on the saturday sessions is it going to be mornings or later in the day?

  2. Hi Lori.

    We were hoping to offer our Saturday class in the morning. We can be a bit flexible and possibly offer a second strength training class if there is enough interest in a different time slot.

    Please feel free to leave a message for myself (Julie) or Jude with any questions at 519 207 3713.

    Thank you for your interest!