If you haven’t looked outside yet today–DON’T!!!

Weather cancels busses, some schools closed

**Friday, March 11, 2011 – Power outages and inclement weather has resulted in the cancellation of school busses across the Thames Valley school district today and the closure of a number of schools..

In Elgin County, the following schools are closed due to bus cancellations:

Aldborough Public School
New Sarum Public School
Port Stanley Public School
South Dorchester Public School
Southwold Public School
Sparta Public School
Summers’ Corners Public School

Despite an early morning power failure, Edward Street Public School in St. Thomas will be open. Monitor this website for further updates.


**All Buses Cancelled in LDCSB for today Friday, March 11, 2011 Due to current and forecasted conditions including further accumulation of snow and high winds combined with hydro issues in some areas, all buses are cancelled today. Wishing all our students and their families a safe and happy March Break.

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  1. AnnMarie Jubenville-Brown

    all elgin county schools are CLOSED

  2. actually, they’re not anymore. schools that are entirely bussed are closed. st thomas schools are open, but students don’t need to go if they’re usually bussed.

  3. AnnMarie Jubenville-Brown

    really why is the radio saying they are closed then…. strange…

  4. earlier the tvdsb site all elgin county schools were closed, but the board keeps changing things, so i’m going by their website. all busses are cancelled, though. that’s not changing.

  5. AnnMarie Jubenville-Brown

    wonder how many kids won’t be going period… silly school board.

  6. No the schools are closed!!!!!!!!! Due to power outages in the area

  7. these are the only schools that are closed

  8. thats old info from what Im told

  9. that is current news

  10. I have one at home sick, so both of mine are staying home!

  11. oh mine are staying home too, its crazy weather and Im not driving in it. MArch break is starting early at the Taylor house

  12. i was told that all schools in st.thomas r closed…..can anyone tell me for sure please

  13. they are all open

  14. in st. thomas that is

  15. OPEN except schools that only have bussed students

  16. according to Q97.5…730am news all schools r closed in st.thomas.

  17. BX said the same, but the website says not, and they say to go by the website. (I have copied the latest info onto the blog, but it doesn’t change the original post on here so visit http://thestthomasblog.com for the latest info I have)