June is full, come back in July

Well it isn’t really full but I just looked at the calendar and it seems that every single weekend in June there are lots of events going on, and my family and I will be attending at least one if not two each weekend. There is going to be cars, planes, booze, BBQ, music, guns and rhubarb in our near future and we are looking forward to it.

July is looking a little skimpy at the moment. There are events but we would love to add some more. Do you know someone holding an event, or are you yourself running an event. Tell us about it and help make July as busy as June is. Email us at contact@thestthomasblog.com and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Don’t forget that tomorrow (that’s Saturday 28th), we are holding the first annual ‘get rid of our junk and finally find the floor in our house’ yard sale. Half the profits going directly towards the relay for life and the other half, indirectly via supplies, to the relay for life. Show up, introduce yourself, spend some money, or not. You can pledge some money towards the relay for life. There will be refreshments there for a small donation and all in all there will be mayhem! The sale is being held at TSTB towers, otherwise known as 5 Ermatinger St, St. Thomas. Show up, have a chat, enjoy yourself!

Back to July though, we want to know what is going on and when. Over the past few months we have really been busy with making contacts in the community and discovering just how many people are invested in making the St. Thomas and surrounding area better in all possible ways.  Our series of interviews are progressing, with both Mark and myself working hard interviewing people. We seem to have more people looking to contribute to the blog although we are always looking for more talented and interesting people who have something to say that others want to read! We also have a few ‘surprise’ additions coming to the blog in the near future that may just raise a smile!

Anyway, enough from me, I need to build my sleep up for tomorrow morning! I will be the one asleep in a chair on the deck!

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