Looking for a ride to Toronto April 14th. Can you help?

One of our wonderful readers is heading to Toronto on Saturday, April 14th to attend Nathan Winograd‘s no kill workshop/seminar. (He’s an award winning author, lawyer and a prominant leader of the No Kill Movement.) She would really appreciate a ride and is willing to chip in with the gas.

If you are able to help, just comment and we’ll make sure that the right person gets the info

Nathan Winograd has proved that killing animals is unnecessary. He has transformed high-kill pounds in San Francisco, New York and even in rural parts of the U.S. into no-kill shelters.

“Building a No-Kill Community” Lecture and Leadership Workshop.

There are now more than 30 open-admission no-kill shelter listed on the independent No Kill Communities blog!

Susan writes: “One of the reasons I started this blog was because, after reading Nathan Winograd’s books and seeing the proof of no-kill in communities like Tompkins County, Charlottesville, Reno, and Austin, I got tired of hearing PETA and their misguided followers claim that all no-kill shelters were limited admission. These 30 shelters of all sizes and in all parts of the country are proof that shelters can be both open admission and no kill.”

Did you know the Nova Scotia SPCA implemented the No Kill Equation two
years ago?

“In January 2010, …the Nova Scotia SPCA adopted the principles of the No-Kill Equation as set forth by Nathan Winograd. In 2010, the live release rate in Nova Scotia went from 65% to 83%. The SPCA branches use varying techniques to work toward the no-kill goal. The Cape Breton branch transfers many dogs to Halifax, the province’s
capital city, where there is more demand. The Yarmouth branch emphasizes pet retention efforts and an appointment system for surrenders. Colchester emphasizes adoption.”

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