This is NOT our lawn…


This is not our lawn, it is not even close! our lawn is mossy in some areas, dry in others, sparse under the tree, and well it could probably use a new coat of green paint because I am not too sure what you would call the colour that it is right now.

Do you do lawn work?

Do you know someone who does?

Would they like to help us with our lawn problems and in return we can share before, during, and after images. We can advertise their business on the blog and we can write an honest testimonial on the work they have performed.

We also could use some help with our little flower gardens too.

If you think you could help us out in exchange for promotion we would gladly like to receive a tender from you for this job based on the fact we will be promoting you, and and estimate of what you would have regularly charged for a similar job.

Please include a list of the products and services you intend to provide and the total out of pocket cost to us.

We will review all the submissions and share a post listing all the businesses that showed an interest in helping our lawn and garden.  So even if we don’t  choose you, we will let our readers know that you are eager to go out to get their business (and mine!)

Message or call 519.207.3713 for our address. Tenders are being accepted by e-mail until April 13.  We intend to  give a fair and honest review and testimonial of the work/services you provide.


IF you have another business or service you would like to have reviewed on the blog please send us an e-mail detailing what it is you sell or what service you provide and what if any cost there will be to us. Please understand we intend to give honest testimonials. We look forward to sharing our truthful opinions of  your products and services. We reserve the right to reject any offer, for any reason.


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One comment

  1. I am BELMONT LAWNCARE, I have been in the business for 5yrs here in the Belmont and surrounding area! I am looking for ways to promote my business and think this may a great start. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you
    Rob Freisinger