Urgent Christmas Need

Now that the article has been published in one of the papers (page 2 in the following link) http://issuu.com/weeklynews/docs/06_v1_stew_dec6/2 and the story of a single mother of three children (all under the age of ten) has come to the attention of myself and anyone else that listens, I am going to list here the main “immediate”needs, as well as the Christmas needs, and of course the dire needs to maintain a suitable life for herself and the children.

As I mentioned previously, TD Canada Trust has set up a trust account for her in order that donations be made at any branch, internet, etc… The banking information for that is as follows…

Account Number…00026428478

Some of the financial needs that are currently ailing this family are but, not limited to the itemized list below.
Rent… $773.00 + $127.00 to be applied towards arrears ($900.00 monthly)
*Rental arrears total = $4000.00 arrangements were made to pay $127.00 on top of the monthly rate of $773.00 until July 2013, at which time the remaining $3500 becomes due.

Monthly hydro costs average between $100.00 and $115.00. However, as a result of arrears being outstanding, monthly payments total $250.00 until Approximately February 2013. *Arrears total $600.00

The house is heated using propane. The family has been provided with enough to heat the home until (approximately) the end of December. (The propane tank that needs to be filled is a 1000 liter tank).

Because the mother of this family is supporting the family by working a 40 hour work week in St. Thomas, she does need to get to work. Her vehicle payments total $290per month.

As well she has to pay the insurance on this vehicle which she has “bundled” with the home insurance ($260.00)

Past having to drive to work daily, she brings her children in to attend dance (located downtown St. Thomas), as well as bowling. The costs for the three children to attend dance classes is $178.00/per month, and for bowling the cost is $25.00/per week.

There is obviously a need for funds for this as well as for gas for the vehicle, if not funding then gas cards can be donated here at HOMELESS HAPPENS. (558 talbot Street)

The cable bill arrears ($198.00) will be cleared up on Friday (tomorrow). Monthly Cable costs total approximately $80.00.

Some essential pressing needs currently are…

Daily food needs

The children have 2 set times at school for lunch breaks; this is difficult to meet the needs for as it requires making the lunches for all three children daily…
Sandwiches, snacks, juice boxes, etc… All x6.

The following is a list for the three children’s clothing sizes, likes and such…

Boy (nine years old)…
Pajamas Boys XL or men’s small
Shoes, size 6
Size 14 boy/ Small men (general clothing size)
Boxer shorts, socks
Winter clothing

Christmas items and interests etc…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Model sets
Toy Story related toys and such
Wii, DS games

Girl age 6…
Shoes size 13
Pajamas size 7/8
Pants size 7/8
Anything Barbie related
“Jewelry sets/kits”
Baby dolls
Wii or Ds games

Girl age 4…
Pajamas size 7/8
Pants size 7/8
Shoes size 12
Anything related to Dora the Explorer
Anything related to Mickey Mouse
Colouring books
Hello Kitty
Wii or Ds games

*There are obviously other needs and such, I am trying to stay on top of all of this, I will post the mothers needs, hopes, and wants shortly. I had to pester her in order to get a very vague idea of what it is she would like! She was not interested in disclosing that information as a result of putting the children first as well as the needs in other areas.

Your assistance in aiding this family is greatly appreciated and takes very little! Thank you on behalf of the family as well as myself!

Jason H. McComb

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  1. This is ridiculous. However a nice thing you are trying to do for her. This is way out of line. Kudos to her for pulling a 40 hr work week like the rest of us but if she is that hard up she needs to cut costs and probably get another job. My mother put herself through school, builtal and ran her own business while raising two children. Not saying it would be easy, but you do what you gotta. I would be more sympathetic to getting christmas things for the kids, or helping with their extra curricular activities than I would be to donating towards an80 dollar cable bill that doesnt even need to be that high.

  2. You’re forgetting that some of us can add. This has scam written all over it.

  3. Wait. She’s behind on her rent and can’t afford to heat her home but is looking for donations so she can watch cable tv and send her kids to BOWLING and DANCE LESSONS? At the cost of $178/mth for the dance, $25/week for bowling… $278 a MONTH! Are you kidding me?? Plus cable that’s around $358 of COMPLETELY undeeded things that could be going towards having a Christmas for her kids. Nice thing you’re trying to do here but really… who is going to give money to a woman as a donation when she seemingly just doesn’t spend her money very well? There are programs available to help cover the cost of those recreation programs (Canadian Tire Jump Start) and instead of cable, get a $10 VCR and some movies from Goodwill.