Where are we right now in Facebook?

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Well, the ‘person profile’ of The St. Thomas Blog is no more. It has gone through the change and is now a page. As it stands we have two Facebook pages which are listed below:



The first one is the original while the second page is the brand new one. Friends on the now deceased profile are now listed as Likes (well we appear to have ‘lost’ about 100 fans so if you aren’t reading this, please like us) on the second page, while the first page has all the content on the wall.

We are awaiting on Facebook to resolve issues with the merge function which will combine the two pages into one. As it stands right now, we don’t know which page will survive this merge and which will be assimilated but either way, the likes will be transferred over so hopefully you won’t miss anything.

As soon as we know what is happening next, we’ll let you know but it appears that until Facebook fixes the bug, we will have two pages.

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