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The summer is full swing, kids only have a few weeks left before school starts again, and the St. Thomas Blog keeps improving what we can do for you.

Did you know that there is a St. Thomas born sportsman who last year won the championship? It’s true, and his name is DJ Kennington. He is a driver in the NASCAR Canadian Tire and if you have seen him drive, you will appreciate how he won his championship. We are lucky enough to be able to post updates from his website, giving readers a very interesting view of racing.

On a totally separate subject, we have a new columnist named Professor Joel Lamoure who is affiliated with the University of Western Ontario, Department of Psychiatry at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry where he serves as an Associate Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, and Assistant Director of Continuing Medical Education. Professor Joel writes positive message articles on making things better.

Professor Joel is also looking for medical questions for him to answer. While the question may be personal, the article answering it will be more general and should not be taken for a replacement for speaking to your family doctor. Please feel free to contact us with your questions but please be aware that not all questions can be answered.

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