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MP Karen Vecchio votes against middle class tax cuts!

I was disappointed to read the article in the TJ on Feb. 3, about our MP, Karen Vecchio, and her decision to vote against Bill C-2. I hope that residents of St Thomas understand that Karen is going to vote against a bill which will reduce the middle class tax …

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Letter to respond to Karen and Joe

I am disappointed with both MP Joe Preston and Karen Vecchio’s lack of direct response to the core issue being discussed recently. This is not an issue about whether Karen does a good job as Joe’s Executive Assistant, as I am sure she works hard. The issue that frustrates many …

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Non-Profit Shelter In Dire Need Of Funding

  Pets Friends for Life is in need of over $10,000 immediately. As myFM reported earlier this month, kittens brought into the shelter caused an outbreak of ringworm. Since then, over 100 cats have had to be properly cleaned and cultured. Each culture costs $57 and a cat may be …

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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy has been practiced worldwide for more than two hundred years.  According to the World Health Organization, homeopathy is the world’s second largest system of medicine for primary health care.  It is a system of medicine which uses highly diluted natural substances, such as plants, minerals or animal sources which …

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Joan Rymal for Alderman Platform

I need your vote to help me make a difference for our Community of St. Thomas. I am a retired Registered Nurse. I worked for the City of London for 26 years at the Dearness Home and was responsible for the nursing department with 200 staff and an $8 million …

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Ken Boe for Alderman Platform

PLATFORM If elected as Alderman, I pledge to: Work strategically with the St. Thomas Economic Development Corporation, Chamber of Commerce and Council to attract & retain new Business, Property Investment and Industry to St. Thomas. Investigate means of increasing city revenue through existing city owned holdings and business entities. I …

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