Different name, same amazing service

Automotive care is not something you want to skimp on. Not only does it keep you and family safe during journeys long and short, but a well setup vehicle will save you money and gas and with regular maintenance you can avoid the sudden and expensive surprises that can appear from time to time.

For the last 12 years my family, extended and not so extended have all used the same business. Through two cars personally as well as several others with family members, we always trusted Midas to keep us all safe. Bob Ward and his team always handled our issues, big or small with the same professional attitude you would expect from a highly professional garage.

It seemed that even when the news was a little expensive, it was explained in a clear way that even someone with no mechanical knowledge could understand. Though the years I have actually learned a lot about cars. While no one likes to have to spend money, having to visit Midas was always a lot less painful than visiting the dentist.

Recently though, if you drove down Wellington St you would have noticed that Midas is no more. They have changed both location and name. Bob and the gang are now the Auto Guys and are located at 135 South Edgeware Rd. It’s a brand new building with some of the most modern technology used in garages. Bob was so kind to give me a personal tour through the shop and it is plain to see how the working conditions for both metal and men have improved vastly.

It looks and feels like a brand new business but with the familiar feel of old friends. While Midas may no longer in St Thomas, Auto Guys is here, with the same knowledge, talent and friendly attitude.

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  1. this is only my opinion. i have met bob ward 3 times when he was at midas and all 3 times he was arrogant and snotty. i was there for other matters, not auto service for myself. in my opinion if you are working the front counter and representing a buisness you shouldnt have an attitude like this. his guys have always been very nice when ive said hi or met them. im a lic mechanic myself and would never be that ignorant attitude with a customer (when we met he didnt know why i was there. i could have been a customer that needed work). as with all buisness there is good and bad experiences but 3 times in a row. he would never get my or my familys buisness. for anyone else reading this this does not reflect the work done at auto guys. this is just my personal opinion and experience.