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I got this message forwarded to me on Facebook.

Hello Everyone
I need some help.

Recently in the studio, groups were rockin’ away and there was one dad sitting in the lobby area. I had a few minutes so I sat and chatted with him. The conversation began with small talk… but his answers to my questions gave me new questions to ask. Here is the how the conversation ended…

This dad, with several young kids, has Hodgkin’s lymphoma (cancer) and it is incurable. His prognosis… perhaps one more year of good health… and he won’t live long after that. He is on disability and not able to work.

Three thoughts come to mind…

1) I can not bring myself to imagine having to ever say ‘goodbye’ to my kids.

2) As I look back at the memories of my life… I don’t remember the ‘day to day’ routine events that happened last week, last month, last year… and longer. I do, however, remember every trip / vacation that my family has ever had.

3) Is there anything that the Studio, musicians & families can do create a memory for these kids of their healthy dad… that will last a life time?

I would like to focus our event at Quai Du Vin on Sunday August 14th as an event to send this family to Disney World. It’s like an event similar to Sunshine Foundation… but it’s not a child who is terminally ill… it’s the parent. I know these kids will cherish the memories of this trip forever.



1) We need summer bands to put together their BEST SHOW!

2) Family and friends.. please sell tickets to this event

3) Sponsorship… prizes, donations

4) Ideas…

We do have more than a month to make this work. I am open to any ideas you have… Currently, we have Quai Du Vin booked from 2 p.m. – 8 p.m. on Sunday August 14th. I have met with the Quai’s this week and decided to NOT do the July event.. and focus on August 14th.

Please share thoughts and ideas to make this day great, with me… and please remember this family in your thoughts and prayers.

Thanks for reading!


If you think you can help out contact us here at the blog and we will get Brian in touch with you.

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