Kerosene Halo

I grew up listening to The Coir and the 77s. You know when you grow up buying your own music as a kid, you are limited in the quantity of albums at your disposal. When I say I listened to these guys what I mean is that they are permanently etched in my brain from thousands of hours of listening. They are my soundtrack to growing up, starting a band, leaving home, getting married, having kids, raising them… Because I never stopped listening to them. They never stopped producing really good music.

A couple of weeks before the show I caught wind that they wanted to be in the Toronto area for a show while on tour. I jumped. I know Derri from working with him in the past, and Mike just from bumping in to him a few times. I had two weeks to put together a show so I could open for my musical heros. So I picked the easiest possible venue… my back yard.

Deni Gauthier opened for Kerosene Halo… and in my mine that was as good as being able to open for any number of larger bands. A real treat. A true treasure of acoustic music, harmonies, warm summer evening, good friends… a night I’ll not soon forget. My good friend Bill put this video together. Enjoy!! If you are reading via RSS Here’s the link.


We just released a live album! I’m so proud of it.

You can get it on iTunes here.

Or a physical copy off my website here

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