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Our kids were asked to participate in a food drive at their school and the donations had to be in today.

When I was in school I seem to remember the canned food drive consisted of donations from the back of everyone’s cupboard, sardines in mustard sauce, lima beans, cream of celery soup, and spinach in a can. I think we thought our donations were going to starving people in a far away land, who should be happy for anything they got, not local families who are not that different from your own, who may have fallen on difficult times, or had some hardship and could just use a little help.

I did a little experiment just for fun to see how I could put each bag together with enough food to feed a family of 4 for one day (not including the meat) and how much it would cost, to do it.  I know our donations will most likely be pooled in with all the other donations but I like doing this sort of thing and each time I have done it, it has reminded me of the value of meal planning and shopping around.

I figured out how many “meals” this imaginary family needed in a day and came up with breakfast, lunch, snack, supper and dessert.

I then sat down with the flyers and scanned for the best prices for food that would be generally appealing, using brand names where possible.

When all was said and done, and the best prices were had, I spent nearly $15 per bag. (most of the items will not all be used up in one day, so I broke it down by serving size to show you how inexpensively it can be to feed a family.)

Quaker instant oatmeal (10 pks= 10 svgs) for $0.25 svg

Campells Soup (2 servings per can) for $0.30 svg
Breton Crackers (6 crackers per serving) $0.22 svg

Breton Crackers (6 crackers per serving) $0.22 svg
Kraft Peanut butter (1Kg= 67 Tbs–2 Tbsp svg) $0.10 svg

Allan’s Cranberry cocktail (4 svgs) $0.25
Knorr/Lipton Noodles and sauce (4 svgs) $0.25 svg
Del Monte Canned Carrots (4 svgs) $0.18 svg
Stove Top Stuffing (4 svgs) $0.25 svg
Gravy mix (store brand) (4 svgs) $0.20 svg

Betty Crocker Cake mix (20 svgs) $0.05
Betty Crocker Frosting (20 svgs) $0.05

For a grand total of $2.32 to feed a person for a day.

I know this donation doesn’t take into account some basics you might need to prepare some of the items included in my “food for a day” bag such as

Milk $0.27  250ml svg
Margarine $0.06 10 ml svg
eggs $0.20 svg
or a Thanksgiving Turkey which averaged about $1.00 lb last week.
(A 12lb turkey should yield about 5 lbs of meat or 60 ounces. If a typical serving was 8 ounces, the turkey would come in at roughly $1.20 per serving.)

Fresh fruits and vegetables would also help to nutritionally balance out this day, but all and all, I think it would be survivable enough, even quite alright by some standards and for just close to $4.00 per person.



Food for thought.

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