Your “thing”

You know… it’s a good life when you can do what you were made to do. How do you know what you were made to do? I’m not sure… I think you feel it mostly. You know it when you are doing it.. but you may never actually end up doing it. Some people never find that special thing… some find it right away, some do their “thing” full time, some on the side.

I think it’s important to find what you love and get good at it. I really think that our lives are more rewarding when we find it and do it. And this all sounds a bit obscure doesn’t it? Maybe the “thing” will change over the years… maybe it won’t.

You’d think that Music is my thing, but it’s not. Music is just a vehicle for influencing people. The lyrics, feel of the song, and what I get to say at shows. I’m trying to spread a little love around here. I believe in good community, I believe and helping out, I believe in not letting your neighbour suffer, there is more than enough to go around, but greed can get in the way.

I love the music, (love it) but my real “thing” is being able to shed some love and light in this world.

I hope you have an awesome day. Find your “thing”.


We just released a live album! I’m so proud of it.

You can get it on iTunes here.

Or a physical copy off my website here

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