Calling all local car fans!


There is nothing quite owning your own car but it does come with a cost. Purchasing it, maintaining it, perhaps upgrading parts of it. It all costs money and chances are you will never own the car of your dreams.

Do not despair though. You can own your own dream car, or cars on a brand new type of website called where any car is within your grasp. Auto Obsessions is a St. Thomas run website created by Adam Glazer who has taken his love for cars to the next level. Designing the free website, he has given all car fans the opportunity to be that multi-millionaire in the front row of a Barrett-Jackson auction. You can buy, sell and restore cars to your hearts content. You can even win real life prizes.

The game goes live on July 23rd but the forum is already open and awaiting your opinions and ideas!

Here is hoping that a St. Thomas website is a huge hit world wide. Good luck Adam!

P.S. if you decide to sign up, please feel free to put Rhys Leeds in the promo box.



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