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Herry Prediction for Indonesian Men’s Doubles at All England 2018

PBSI’s Men’s Double Head Coach, Herry Iman Pierngadi, guessed the opportunities and things that had to be passed by a number of combined Indonesian who became the foundation for winning the title at All England 2018 on March 14-18. “For Hendra / Ahsan, I think the determination was in the second round, against Zhang Nan / Liu Cheng [China],” Herry said on the PBSI website, Tuesday (3/13).

But, continued Herry, they also had to remain vigilant since the first round of which was against the Dutch pair, Jacco Arends / Ruben Jille. If they can pass the second round, they have hope. Then, about Kevin / Marcus, Herry said, before he left for Germany to follow the German Open 2018 BWF Word Super 300 Tour, both of them were still not injured.

“Indeed there are still not a lot of injuries in Marcus’s hands, Kevin too. But in the balance of preparations in the past week, I think it has improved, although not 100%,” he said. Based on information from Herry, Marcus and Kevin certainly knew their respective situations. “Usually they will anticipate the different strategy of the game. But even then we must know, Kevin / Marcus has never enjoyed the new service rules,” he said.

Kevin / Marcus if they are safe or fit the new rules of BWF, Herry assesses that both will not be too challenged at All England 2018. Before leaving for Germany, PBSI has three times caused service judges to serve to assess Kevin / Marcus services and results secure.

“Marcus is at least twice a fault, it’s still normal, because before this rule they even like to be faulted once or twice, especially Kevin,” he said. But from the three sessions with the Indonesian service judge, they said that Kevin’s service had no problems. “But you see the facts in the real match,” Herry said.

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