and new good ideas start. Hello everyone, once again I have been MIA/AWOL from the blog. Again with very good reason. Our double event has come and gone, and I feel myself having the postwedding blues, I just don’t know what to do with myself ( I am fibbing!). Our daytime event March into Spring [...]

All Good Things Must Come to an End….

and new good ideas start.

Hello everyone, once again I have been MIA/AWOL from the blog. Again with very good reason. Our double event has come and gone, and I feel myself having the postwedding blues, I just don’t know what to do with myself ( I am fibbing!).

Our daytime event March into Spring Shopping Extravaganza was well attended for being a first time event in that particular area. We collected a vehicle full of clothing and managed to raise awareness to our project. The vendors that attended were all very excellent people & I would recommend all. We had some local entertainment, Justin Maki from St. Thomas & his band Undying Promise performed to rave reviews. Local young singers performed and everyone got free entertainment in the form of me running around like a chicken sans cranium. However, my stress was aliviated by the wonderful help of our student volunteers, Brooke, Kalene, Katie, Maria, Brittany & Stevie as well as our wonderful support group Laurie Goodhue, Chuck Tait & Ken Kelliher. Jackie D., our complete rescue angel, this is a lady that never stops, she IS the energizer bunny! Not only was she there for most of the daytime event but she manned the bar and stayed to close up the hall, she is an amazing lady!! These wonderful people in our lives helped to take some of the stress off Deb and myself for the day. Brooke & Kalene manned the face painting station while Shelly was enroute and they did a wonderful job, so much so I think we will have them do it again and help out Shelly. Yes, then there is Shelly, what a wonderful friend! She drove all the way from Guelph to Straffordville to put smiles on the faces of our tiny guests,she is one of those people you just have to hug because she is such a loving giving woman! Mark Crick-Crick was there taking wonderful pictures of the event which can be found via the St. Thomas Blog and on Facebook, he has a great talent. Rob Perry with Aylmer Express also attended to take pics for the paper, get Wednesday’s issue we will be in it!!  Oh and I must not forget the Straffordville Lioness who so graciously added to our bake sale table, these ladies are so warm and giving, they are a really asset to their community. In all it was a gratify day, tiring yes but wonderful, we spoke with so many wonderful people and made some great new friends. I thank everyone who attended from the bottom of my heart!

AND THEN…Immediately after the end of the daytime event it was time for us to reset the hall for our Passport to Pamper Ladies’ Night event. (side note: whoever thought of 2 events in 1 day is CRAZY…oh ya THAT WOULD BE ME!).

The doors reopened at 6:30 pm for our invited guests. The hall filled rapidly and the mood changed again to that of warmth and excitement. As the ladies entered they were given a bag  filled with samples and special offers chosen specifically for our event by local businesses, beauty consultants and artists. These gift bags were overflowing with great items. The tables were adorned with Mardi Gras masks and beads, chocolates and treats for the ladies to enjoy and they did. Professor Joel Lamoure from the Department of Psychiatry at UWO hit the stage at 7:15pm and addressed the ladies with his Stress Management: Behind the mask keynote speech. The ladies loved his engaging spirit, and Professor Lamoure filled the hall with laughter. His wonderful address was a very interactive fun-loving yet very informative speech. Pofessor Lamoure was followed by a beautiful fashion show hosted by Studio Style Ladies Apparel & Accessories (209 Main St. Pt. Stanley) owner Kim Ariesen. Kim included styles that would carry the woman on the go from daytime to evening with the change of a jacket, beautiful casual sports wear. The models dazzled in the clothing with hair by Rhonda Wall, Michelle Boutilier & Laura Telfer (the Hair Stop Talbot St. Aylmer) makeup by Michele Thomson Mary Kay Consultant (London),Cathy Smith (the Hair Stop Aylmer), Ruth-Anne Avruskin Arbornne Consultant (London),  Kaitlin Richardson Aloette Consultant (St. Thomas) was done beautifully. Jewelry by Latasia consultant Michele Harris, Silpada consultant Joan Collins and new to Canada Simply You consultants Ryan Cohen & Natalia Paladino, all that glittered came from these wonderful people.  Huge thank you goes out to our models Charlene, Heather, Laura, Ashley, Petra and Tracy (oh and I modelled to but I already thanked myself for volunteering myself and now I am paying for it in the form of day 4 of being in pain! Yeah!! Way to go ME!!! remember the who ever is CRAZY, yep!)

The ladies continued to enjoy there evening with the Bellygirls Bellydancers giving group classes and the hall again was filled with laughter. The ladies also enjoyed being tattooed (lol), henna that is, by Mehndi artist Maggie Joh, phenomenal artist and the ladies wore her art with pride!! Our several modalities that attended pampered our many guests, these modalities included: Floretta Skudder of Aylmer, Healing Waters owner Shelly McCallum, Head Over Heals owner Brenda Kazimer, Hand to Soul owner Marilyn Whaley all of Aylmer and Deborah Ferris of Tillsonburg. These ladies are amazing look them up and be prepared to be healed & relaxed!! HTE representative HenryVrugteveen (Norwich) showed the ladies the latest in HTE Infra Red heat equipment for the better health of each individual.  
  Our many beauty consultants also pampered our many guests they included: Mary KayMichele Thomson , Lilywhite organics owner & creator Natasha Minor (Springfield), BeautiControl Mary Szucsko, Aloette Kaitlin Richardson. We had Gold Canyon Candles Barb Barrie (London), Epicure and Java Fit Coffee Donna Nevill (Straffordville), Steeped Tea Hannah Vrugteveen (Norwich) AND THEN THERE WAS KRISTI.

Kristi’s booth was alway full and filled with giggles…what was Kristi’s booth you ask?….well it was as I said the most attended…Passion Parties by Kristi (Mount Bridges). Fun and informative it was!!

The night ended with the announcements of the silent auction and the drawing of the grand prize Passport Draw. The ladies enjoyed wine, passport punch and a lovely array of goodies to nosh on, in particular (I have to give a plug to this local business) PETITE FOURS FROM THE DUTCH BAKERY WELLINGTON STREET ST. THOMAS. (so good!!). Lucy Thorel of Scoops & Cakes made our logo in cake form. It was so beautiful!! (won by Rhonda).

We raised funds for Breast Cancer Foundation of Canada, Relay For Life and the Oxford Elgin Child & Youth Services Mother Goose Program, as well as being able to set some funds aside for semiformal wear for young men in need. W

We thank everyone who participated in both our events, helping to make them both a huge success. I am going to take a nap now….Life is Good….Cheers.

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