Arnold McBay FOLLOW Exhibiton runs until May 7, 2011

The st. ThomasElgin Public art Centre is pleased to present the artwork of Arnold McBay.  McBay is a mixed-media artist working in Drawing, sculpture and installation.  He teaches studio courses at brock University and has led art workshops in public art galleries and high schools across Ontario.  Much of his work has focused on an exploration of senescent concerns, memory and aesthetics.

Artist Statement

My artwork is focused on a dual path of intent; an examination of the senses suing archetypal forms and symbols fused with organic substances and processes, and a considration of the subjectivity of individual and collective memory.  Through drawing and relief sculpture I have engaged in a semiotic analysis of the marks, shapes and forms that I find suggestive of the various aspects of human and personal experience.  The emotional, personal and universal weight of the senses and how various sensory stimuli impact them interests me greatly.  The result of this creative exploration has been a body of work that is a reflection on the nature of perception and consciousness, an onological inquiry of sorts.  I have come to realize that my role as an artist is to dream (in Jorge Luis Borges” notion of wirting being nothing more that a guided dream)  on the borderline between my own personal experiences and the work at large.  Arnold McBay 2011.

Drop by 301 Talbot Street (Art Centre) to view this inspiring work!

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