Studio Tour Artists! Free Community Event! May 28 and 29, 2011 11-5pm

Drop by the Art Centre, 301 Talbot Street to pick up your studio Tour brochure.  Brochures will be release April 21, 2011!  If you would prefer to have one mailed out to you, just contact the art center and we will be happy to send you one.

Annette Martin St. ThomasElgin Public Art Centre 301 Talbot Street, ON. 519 631.4040 It’s about colour! My work infuses colour into imaginary landscapes which are influenced by my love of Native Canadian Art. I work in acrylics, watercolour and ink. 

 Candy McManiman St. ThomasElgin Public art Centre 301 Talbot Street, ON. 519 631.4040 Most of my art is to dedicate interpreting what I see and feel. As I travel and bird watch around the world, I am saturated with new images that I want to paint. In my mixed media pieces I may use origami papers, gold leaf, ink, watercolour and even some of my photography. 

Laura Woermke St. ThomasElgin Public Art Centre 301 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, ON 519 631.4040 Recognized as a Figurative and landscape painter, Laura’s technique includes a tradition of strong design with patterns of colour and form, with a pervasive sense of personal style. 

 Suzette Terry St. ThomasElgin Public Art Centre 301 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, ON 519 631.4040 Landscape, figurative and abstract are all part of Suzette’s repertoire. Working in acrylic, oils and collage media. Suzette tries to constantly challenge herself to new ways of seeing. Represented by the Thielsen Galleries, London, Museum London Art Rental, Davis Canadian Oils, Stratford. 

 Lori Wright The Wright Sparkle St. ThomasElgin Public Art Centre “Gift Shop” 301 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, ON. 519 631.4040 I established my company in September 2008, following a passion for jewelry design and making which I have been creating for about 10 years. It was an easy fit for me, as I had 23 years experience buying and merchandising crafts and hobby products. I am motivate to bring new and exciting beads and designs to my customers. I travel around Canada and the U.S. looking for different and unique beads to create one of kind designs. 

 jennifer m. designs 364 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, ON. 519 633.9806 My art begins with observing events, ideas, objects and people that shape our lives, and the need to “comment” follows. This can take the form of a painting, sculpture, assemblage and even photography. The biggest challenge, yet often the most satisfying, is determining which medium to choose (often cast-offs) to convey my thoughts most effectively.

Kelly Wilson 373 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, ON. 519 631.3491 Kelly Marie Wilson graduated with honours from The Ontario College of Art & Design with a BFA degree in drawing & painting in the year of 2006.  She studied abroad with her school, living in Florence Italy for a year where she saw a lot of really cool historical stuff.  She is a local artist whose main passion is to doodle strange and unusual things.  She has participated in a rabble of group shows with fellow doodlers from all over Canada and has also had the fortune of organizing an all night drawing blitz with all her most beloved peers for Nuit Blanche in Toronto.  Her ideal dream is to connect with other local artists in the area and to “collaborate”.  A lot of her inspiration comes from people watching and her main media of choice is nib styled ink on paper & a simple german pen.  Her technique she would describe as a multi-disciplinary approach to stick people. Other pertinent information is that she enjoys long, contemplative, soul quickening walks by Jumbo. 

Ethel Mitrovic 32 Alma Street, St. Thomas, ON 519 637.7016 Clay Sculpture. Pottery plates, bowls, and jugs. Paintings in watercolour and acrylic. 

Sharon and Daniel Brassard Romantic Designs Artist Studio 120 Wellington Street, Unit C St. Thomas, ON. 519 860.6851 Sharon and Daniel Brassard are both visual artists whose medium differ and yet compliment each other. Sharon sculpts in polymer clay, paper and fiber while Daniel is an illustrator working in watercolour, ink, pastels and digital medium. Both have a passion for Folklore and Romance. Their “working” Studio offers a Gallery with original works of Art for sale, workshops, open studio days and a selection of Art supplies, including canvases and polymer clay. Whether it is a gift for you or someone else, you will find their work unique and intriguing.

Jason Berencsi JBweldz Creative Metal Art 147 Chestnut St. St. Thomas, ON 519 207.3770 JBweldz is owned by Jason Berencsi, a Metal Artist and Metalsmith, since 1990. Following his father’s passion for artistic work carved in metal, Jason learned the trade and took on his won style. Inspired by animals, birds and nature, Native Canadian history, Zen, Celtic symbols and pop culture, he uses flat steel, plasma cutting and welding techniques to design and create his art work. All metal is natural and/or recycled, re-purposed, revitalized. JBweldz offers two lines or artwork, all made here in St. Thomas by Jason: Handmade, one-of-a-kind wall sculpture and garden décor pieces, and Precision Cut letters, numbers, signs and symbols for indoor or outdoor home use.

Katherine Medlyn Medlyn Stained Glass 643 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, ON. 519 633.3773 One or a Kind. Glass and Jewellery of all sizes and colours in all prices.

Betty Burrell 12 Costello Court, St. Thomas, ON. 519 631.5779 Using the mediums of watercolour or oil, I take an idea or image and transform it into a unique and original painting. Landscapes, seascapes and local and historical buildings make up my portfolio.

Connie Greger Minerva Art Gallery 11078 Springwater Rd. N Aylmer, ON. 519 765.1616 I enjoy painting landscapes en plein air. It is the mixing and application of colour which reveals to me the beauty surrounding me. I paint with oil often painting the same scene to visually build from one painting to the next. It is this progression which develops a story of colour between them.

Josepha van den Anker 10 McGregor Court St. Thomas, ON. 519 631.2426 Josepha van den Anker A.O.C.A.D. is an award-winning Honour’s graduate of Fine Art from the Ontario College of Art and Design. She is a figurative expressive painter and has exhibited internationally. She lived in St. Thomas since 2005 after moving from Co. Clare Ireland and where she still maintains a studio.

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