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Today Nathan and I had the pleasure of meeting Terry Carroll and his wife Nancy.


Terry is the Publisher of  “The Weekly News”  and a short while ago in one of his editorials, Terry was musing about  The Weekly News‘ online presence. Something we here at the blog like to think we know a little bit about. This prompted Nathan to write and share with Terry some of our online experiences with the blog.

It takes a bit more than just creating a webpage and hoping that everyone can find it. There are thousands of books, articles, and webpages dedicated to helping you to achieve your desired online presence but to be honest I don’t think there is one sure fire way to put yourself out there. Add to the equation the brave new world of  “Social Media” and some days you want to hide under your pillow instead of putting yourself “out there”.

At our meeting we discussed some of the challenges we have faced running our own blog, as well as some of the events that have helped us grow.  Terry talked about the newspaper game (as Nathan romanticized the golden days of print.) and we learned a bit about where each of us, in our different mediums, are now and where we see ourselves going.  Terry sees the Weekly News as having a greater online presence in the future and was asking about the different software we use and our experience with developing our online presence. We shared with Terry and Nancy that we would like to see the blog reach many more readers. We also want to continue to grow by participating in the many wonderful events taking place locally and to continue to foster a wonderful relationship with our readers.

So where does that leave things? Its hard to speculate.

Nathan and I feel our intentions are aligned with “The Weekly News” and we want to see them succeed. We are more than happy to assist them on their journey online in whatever form it ends up taking and I hope this morning was the first of many great meetings with Terry and Nancy.

If you have a few minutes check out their online edition here and “LIKE” them on facebook too and it wouldn’t hurt if you let them know the blog sent ya!


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