What a weekend!

The summer season hasn’t even officially started yet and I have had one of the busiest weekends that I have had in a long time!

Friday night we intended to go to the Tomcats home opener at Elmslie Field but when we got there we had found out it had been called for rain, so we decided to just head home and have a lazy, fun night with the kids.

Saturday we headed to Farmgate Market and got, what I consider a great deal on a bulk order of meat. They will be our BBQ Headquarters this summer for sure.  The flexibility and choice when it comes to customizing your order is phenomenal! Not only do they have an amazing selection of meat but they carry local dairy products and more.

We then ventured to Berry Hill to pick up a donation they gave us for an upcoming raffle we are having to support the St.Thomas Community Gardens. They always carry such amazing things in there. Many items are unique and both practical and decorative at the same time.

Later in the evening we helped out our relay for life team mates  who put together an amazing  “Jam”  night at The Hungry Fox.  Together  (along with a generous donation from the owners) aprrox $700 was raised to help fight cancer, as we raised our glasses into the wee hours of Sunday Morning.

Later that same morning, in the not so wee hours of  Sunday,  I got my self to Port Stanley to help out with The Port Stanley Village Association’s rain barrel sale…and by help I really mean stand around and meet some great people, and listen to an amazing band! The organizers had kindly allowed me to join in their fund raising efforts by contributing part of any barrels I sold personally to my relay for life team.

When I arrived, it was piddling down so I opted to find a dry corner of the Olmsted Building to call my own to wait out the storm. The band, was setting up and it was here that I first heard Matthew and the Birds perform. If you don’t already know, Matthew and the birds arean eclectic mix of jazz, pop, fun and wonderment all rolled up into a quartet who’s music gives the sound and feel of musicians who are much more polished than their  appearance would lead you to believe. I am not a music critic, but I am a music lover and I could listen to them all day.
While huddling from the weather that had progressed from piddling to pissisitating, I was fortunate enough to meet even more wonderful people. Michelle Fournier of Centrepiece Marketing and Barbara Booth of  The Storehouse, Port Stanley‘s Organic General Store.  ( It’s also the home of Barb’s Brickle,  Port’s own trail mix.) And last on the list…but first in our hearts Eric Salin! Eric was the organizer of the rain barrel sale and he met the challenge head on when it came to keeping everyone going and doing what needed to be done, and staying positive on a day when no one wanted to be looking at rain never mind collecting it. He actually appeared to enjoy himself throughout the day!

It was completely my pleasure to meet and work with all these wonderful people this weekend and although I will be looking forward to returning to work tomorrow (or today depending on when you are reading this) just so I can have a rest, I couldn’t have anticipated that such a busy weekend could make me feel so relaxed.

If you don’t mind turning the light out when you are done reading this…I’m going to bed now.

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