Get Organized

Do you feel as though someone is chasing you? Do you feel like time is going so fast that you can’t get done what you need to get done in a day? You may not be so very far off what you are feeling. Time is speeding up. As the Mayan Calendar nears an end time is speeding up, and with it comes the ability to manifest much easier and quicker than ever before. Since we manifest what we think in each moment, it becomes very important to be careful of what you think. What you think you create.

Lately I have found that all the little things that I put out into the universe are coming to me, which is creating a bit of busy ness in my days. I am not complaining, they are all great things, great opportunities, and exactly what I asked for. The thing is that I have also put a few small things on the back burner and they seem to be boiling as well. All this is creating a bit of overwhelm for me and I find myself searching for a day off, or even just a few hours. Does this sound a little familiar to you?

It is time for me to take responsibility for all the little things I have left undone. It is time to organize not only my surroundings but also my brain. I know I don’t have to tackle the big things, they will figure themselves out. It is all the little things that need to be but to rest. Like delivering that book that a lady ordered(even if she is never home…..that is only an excuse I have made up). It would take me 10 minutes to do this and yet there it sits on my mind every day. Just do it.

My house is small and I run my business from it, lately it has seemed like my business has taken over. It is time to clean up the clutter. It is time to organize this space. Did you know that piles of clutter can drain your energy? That’s right, just being in a room with clutter and dis-organization will make you feel just that way, like you don’t have room to work. Now it is time to take control of the piles, sort through them and release anything that you no longer need. Yes right into the G file. I find that is where most of my ends up and I have no idea why I keep it, other than it looks like something I might be interested in at the time.

What does your schedule look like? Right now I seem to be working 7 days a week to fit everything in before I head out to teach in Arizona. Where does this leave me? A little drained, a little disorganized and a little rushed. Once again I am the one that must take control of my schedule. If I can’t fit all my clients in, well I will more than likely have better energy when I return from my trip and I am sure they will still be there. After all I am human.

What about your diet, are you feeling like you don’t have enough time to prepare a healthy meal so you are cheating and eating fast food. Then as you gorge it down you tell yourself this really isn’t good for you, and that you will probably put on weight. Guess what those thoughts just gave you……….yes hippo hips. I have become very aware of my diet and how that affects me. I have also become aware of how many times I am eating out compared to a month or two ago. So I have taken control. I have made a few bigger meals so that I have healthy meals to heat up. I also purchase more fresh fruits and vegetable to snack on. Every effort has an impact on getting you back on course, back to organization. The food you feed your body has to be able to provide the fuel you need other wise you will find yourself doggie paddling halfway through the day.

Things may seem completely out of whack, like you will never regain control. Don’t allow your mind to go there or that is exactly what you will create. Tell yourself you can take control, and be rested at the same time. Allow yourself to stay on task by making a list of what you can accomplish in a day. Keep your mind moving forward, yet staying in the moment with what you are doing. Remember to breath and nurture yourself, it actually gives you more energy. Believe it or not the more time you spend nurturing yourself the more things come back into alignment, back into organization. When is the last time you took a long hot bath? Try it. I do this at least twice a week with my healing bath salts and it completely re- jeuvenates me.

If all else fails as for help in getting yourself more organized, more on track, more in alignment with your goals and dreams. You can do it, even if time seems to be playing against you.

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