Have You Spoken to Me Lately??

Hello, I am your guardian angel, your gift from God (whatever your idea of God is). I have been with you long before you came to this earth plane. I spend my days trying to get your attention, my job is to guide you through your journey here, but I I have one law that forbids me from helping. That law is your free will to choose.

There have been days when I have had to sit on my hand, tape my mouth shut, and keep all my attention on not crossing that line. Other days I get very creative in trying to get your attention, jumping up and down, tapping you on the shoulder, pointing you in the other direction, or speaking through a friend. Either way, you don’t seem to get that I am here, you don’t seem to understand how I can work in your life, you just seem to ignore me. Thank God I am a spiritual being, my feelings don’t get hurt like humans. I love you anyway, even if you don’t know I am here.

I hear your thoughts, they are like prayers you know. I know your dreams and desires, I sit by waiting to guide you to them. I feel your pains, I am here with my wings around you to comfort you on the days you need it. I have seen you heading towards that stumbling block, tried to guide you away from it, helped pick you up, then cradled you in my arms. I knew you had a lesson to learn, but from my point of view, there are many ways those lesson can come to you. I know you don’t have to hurt each time to learn, but I need your permission to be able to teach you in the gentle way I can.

The reason I am coming forward today is to give you some ideas of how to allow me into your life. I love you and want so much to be a part of your day. Once you call upon me, I will instantly give you a sign that I am here. For those of you that are just becoming aware of us, have no fears, we are always coming from a place of love. I also want you to know that no task is too big or small for us, your prayers are always answered. The only thing you have to do is ask, and prepare yourself to be open to the answer. You may not always get the answer you want, but know that from our loving point of view, what we send you is for your highest good at this point in your life.

When you wake up in the morning please make it one of the first things you do, just invite me into your day to guide, protect, and support you. This is enough to allow me to intervene in areas and situations throughout the day to deliver the highest outcome for you. I will do all that we can to ensure your safety, and happiness. I like to be a part of everyday, not just the ones when you really need help, I am like a good friend that is always there for you.

I love to send you signs, ask me to show you that I am with you and working on your requests, then keep yourself aware of what is around you. Sometimes I send you feathers, or coins, sometimes I will speak quietly into your ear, and still other times I may speak through a friend. There are no limits to the signs I can send you, I want you to know I am here working with you.

I know there have been times when you have asked for a message in the past, I sent you the message, but you couldn’t hear it, your mind was so full of chatter. I know you were disappointed and thought I wasn’t with you, but please know I tried to get through to you. The best way to hear me is to stay quiet inside. Hand your worries and concerns over to me so that you have to ability to quiet your mind. The answers are within you, they are very quiet, yet they make you feel safe and secure. A quiet mind is an angels playground.

I am not sure if you know this or not, but when you relax and have fun, you are more open to me being able to help you in life. In the past you have asked me to help you, but you had such a hold on what you wanted and how you wanted it to happen, there was no room for me to work in your favor. Get out and sing, dance, laugh and play more often, it really makes our jobs much easier. Thank you, after all life is all about being happy.

Finally I just want to say that you are an amazing being that deserves everything you dream of and more. I want you to hear me cheering you on, feel me patting you on the back, and see me setting you up for the times of your life. Thank you for inviting me into your day, into your life, and into your dreams. Each moment I spend working with you fulfills a part of me, fulfills a part of my purpose, thank you with all my heart.

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