On Lonliness

There are times in our lives when we are meant to be on our own, there are times when we wish we were alone with no one around, and yet no matter the situation we are never truly alone. We may feel lonely at times, but we are never alone.

When it comes to being alone and looking for the right relationship to come into your life, the time spent alone is meant to be a healing time for us. A time to rebuild and release all the pains and wounds from past relationships, a time to look at past patterns, a time to get to know who we truly are and what we truly want in life.

Far to often this time is not used wisely, or not for the intended purpose, which in the end creates more alone time in the future. When we don’t use the time that the universe offers us to create harmony within ourselves, we can be assured that we will have the same experience in the near future. Until we learn our lesson the universe will continue to put the same situations in front of us.

When you do find yourself alone, take the time to question yourself, what am I meant to be learning, how am I meant to be growing during this time. Simply allow the answers to come to you, let go of any pre conceived ideas of the answers to these questions. Once you receive your answers start following that guidance.

Embrace your time alone for the gift that it really is. Start new projects, meet new people, learn a new hobby, expand yourself in healthy ways. Explore what you like, and go out and do it. If it feels uncomfortable at first to go out on your own, start small with going to cafes and coffee shops. This is a time to love you completely, a time to become a renewed better you.

It is not until we become the complete person that knows all parts of us, that loves all parts of us that we are able to attract that partner that is right for us. Do we have to be perfect to attract that relationship? No, we simply need to love all parts of us, the light and the dark. Its about walking away from all the drama and illusions in life and seeing who we are, embracing that, and sharing it with everyone around us without expecting anything in return.

There are times when we are so full of grief about being alone that we can not possible attract a healthy relationship. We actually move from grief into victimhood, which in the end only attracts more situations that make us the victim. It is important to create balance in our lives, yes we need the time and space to grieve, but we also need to balance that with a healthy way to release that energy.

I have found in my life that when I am feeling truly alone and wanting someone to talk to, that is when spirit(God) wants me to talk to Him. Since putting this into practice I have found great relief in doing so. I have found great guidance, wisdom and strength come from these conversations.

The choices are always ours, we can choose to continue to go through life doing as we always do, and getting what we always got, or we can choose to wake up to our true self, make a few changes, walk a different path, and find real happiness has always resided right inside of ourselves. The journey is more than worth the effort, and the outcomes are beyond your wildest dreams.

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