Book Review – A Cage Of Ice – Duncan Kyle

A wrongly addressed envalope drags an doctor into a chase across the Arctic ice to kidnap or rescue a Russian scientist whose work might alter the world for the betterment of Russia.

In 1970, this book dealt with the possible problems caused by greenhouse gases and global warming. While the science may not have been totally accurate, the ideas it produces are as distubing as the information we are told today. A Cage Of Ice is pretty much a story about a journey, to and from a Russian island in the frozen north. The small cast of characters facing not only the challenge of travelling several hundred miles in a short amount of time, but also the Arctic weather and possible enemies. Each of the six main characters are very different from each other, almost to the point of stereotyping. It works in the way that it is impossible to confuse who the characters are but it also feels like a cliche, or a joke, the way the travellers are so diverse.

A good, but dated thriller that makes the reader feel cold as they read the book.

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