Book Review – A Salty Piece Of Land – Jimmy Buffett


A cowboy from Wyoming finds himself on a journey that lands him at a lighthouse on a tropical island.

This is one of the most enjoyable books I have ever read. It doesn’t have a lot of action, thrills, twists or anything other than a wonderful tale. This is the kind of story you would want to listen to while sat around a big fire on a beach somewhere warm. These are the adventures you wish you could experience.

The main characters, Tully Mars and Cleopatara Highbourne captivate the readers imagination and weave such a story. So many of the characters with smaller parts also demand attention and emotion, that by the end of the story you feel as if you have known then all for a long time.

This is a feel good story that does try to be anything other than a great tale. Unlike The Life Of Pi, which was an enjoyable read and excellently written, A Salty Piece Of Land, which also is an incredibly enjoyable read and just as well written, does make you think about the ending, or question what the author means. Head to Head, A Salty Piece Of Land is a more enjoyable, fufilling read than The Life Of Pi which just goes to show what a talented man Jimmy Buffett really is.

I am actually sad that the book is finished, it made me want to sit on the deck during a warm evening rather than huddle in the cold of winter.

This is not a classic story, it won’t be mentioned in 50 years time, but I don’t think I have smiled as much while reading a book as with this one. I totally, unabashedly loved it. and will re-read it again in a few months. Wow!

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