Book Review – After the rain – Chuck Logan

From the Publisher
An effective, unorthodox cop before his “retirement,” Phil Broker is racing north to the heart of the Cold War nuclear missile belt — and heading toward an inevitable confrontation with his long-estranged wife, Nina Pryce. A tough, decorated veteran of the first Gulf War and renegade anti-terrorist operative, Nina has dragged their daughter, Kit, into a potentially explosive situation, and Broker is desperate to get his child out. But something even more terrifying is taking shape in this isolated corner of North Dakota: the mad dream of a damaged psychopath determined to wash a hated nation in theblood of countless innocents. And for Broker, for Nina, for America, the clock is ticking down — because doomsday is closer than anyone imagines.

An estranged marriage, nuclear bomb, and some very strange folks! Chuck Logan builds up characters and situations that tend to pull you in. Sets the stories in small towns and it is all believable. Great book, perhaps his best yet!

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