Book Review – Archangel – Robert Harris

An expert on Russian History is attending a conference in Moscow when he hears rumors of a document linked to Stalin. As he delves deeper into the story, he is unprepared for the discovery that lies at the end of the trail.

Archangel is a very Russian tale, with the surroundings of the country merging with the attitudes of its people. It deals with the changes that Russia is facing as it becomes more open and public. It also gives the reader background on how it was a few years ago before the changes began.

The main character, Kelso, while not being particularly heroic or adventurous carries the story with ease as he struggles to discover whats going on. Other characters are varied from bland and forgettable to someone who reminded me of Renko from Gorky Park.

The tale tells of a brutal way of life in Russia, either in Moscow or in Archangel. After reading the book, you feel as if you have been there and understand the harshness of it all. A very enjoyable book!

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  1. This and Enigma are the two Harris books I’ve yet to read. I really enjoyed Fatherland, and his most recent, Pompeii, so I’ll be sure to check it out eventually…probably with a nice bottle of vodka!

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