Book Review – Atomic Lobster – Tim Dorsey

Serge A Storms is back and this time he is in the middle of a blood grudge between a criminal family bent on revenge and Jim Davenport, mild mannered wrong person in the wrong place. Along the way there will be blood, drugs, inventive ways to kill people and of course a cruise ship.

Serge A Storms is a wonderfully manic character. A serial killer who is just plain lovable. He loves the culture in Florida, hates bad people, and generally is a nice guy if you can avoid becoming one of his victims! This is the tenth Storms book and they are beginning to blur into one. The plots, while different, all seem the same and other than Serge finding new and wonderful ways to kill folk, there is nothing new under the sea.
A book just like all the previous ones, there is only so many druggies, sex maniacs and gangsters that Florida can handle, and the reader feels the same way!

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