Book Review – Badwater – Clinton McKinzie

A young boy is drowned and the tourist who was involved is accused of murder. Into this already dangerous situation walks Antonio Burns, struggling to see his daughter, struggling to be a cop, and struggling in life.

This is the fifth Clinton McKinzie featuring the climbing cop Antonio Burns and his brother Roberto. Never has Antonio been in so much trouble and things seem to go from bad to worse for him.

As always it is a very well written book that reads like a normal thriller with the addition of the climbing interludes which are very well woven into the plot. The plot is slighty slow to develop properly but definatly kicks into gear mid way through. The main characters are great, Antonio and Roberto are always fun to read about although as often happens Roberto is the character that seems to lift the story. Antonio perhaps keeps the story more serious until his brother can lighten up the mood just by being there.

This is a great series of books, cop stories with a twist, with some characters you can really care about. Looking forward to the next one.

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