Book Review – Black Ice – Matt Dickinson

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Antarctica is the coldest place on earth, and it’s where Lauren Burgess makes a scientific discovery that will transform human life. But then a strange SOS from the frozen wasteland puts everything at risk.

A rescue has been mounted through the toughest landscape in the world to save a great polar explorer. But is Julian Fitzgerald all he seems? And can human ruthlessness be even colder than the most savage climate?

What starts off as a potential enclosed in an ice station over winter drama, soon disolves into a race across the antarctic ice, similar to Alistair MacLean books “Night Without End” or Colin Forbes “Target Five”. Not a bad story, not bad pace, but it lacked something that made it a real page turner. Not a bad enough book to stop me reading another by the author. The main characters were interesting enough but the villain of the story was so over the top as to be totally unbelievable. Not only was he completely fruity loops but to be so single tracked even to the extent of risking his own life didn’t make sense. The ending was sudden, without any follow through as to what the consquences were, which after creating such an evil person, was needed to give balance to the overall story.

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