Book Review – Black Order – James Rollins

An auction of books is attracting death and destruction while in Nepal a monastery full of monks becomes a killing ground. Sigma Force is on the case trying to tie the incidents in Denmark and Nepal with a world war II experiment in Poland.

Like several of his contemporaries such as Larry Bond, James Rollins has started a series of books with several lead characters tackling various problems and dangers. Each novel you get the same characters and so the action and plot is usually spread out across the world rather than being kept on a tight lease. To my mind, this is both good and bad. Good because you know the characters and there is little need for in-depth background of these people. Bad, because you know who these people are already and so there is less new to read about. The characters are good but as with the latest Kurt Austin novel, sometimes it isn’t enough to carry the book.

The plot is on a par with James Rollins previous Sigma Force books, and that is to say very good, with a balance of detail and pace. I do miss the one off, fantastical novels that James Rollins used to write but Black Order is just as enjoyable to read if not as exciting.

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