Book Review – Black Sand – William J. Cauntiz

A massacre in Greece sets up a police investigation in New York into stolen Greek artifacts. Two policemen, one Greek, one American, join forces to hunt down who is behind not only the massacre but the huge operation of stolen Greek treasures.

William J. Cauntiz was a New York policeman and it feels like it when you read Black Sand. It is gritty, with the inside knowledge that makes the book feel real. He doesn’t try to portray the policemen as saints, just normal men and women doing a job that is dirty and dangerous. He creates a realistic situation and finds a realistic way out. His books never feel as if they were made up and have no relation to real life.

Black Sand is a great story, with some very well crafted characters and a plot that keeps the pages turning.

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  1. sounds like a nice book :)

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