Book Review – Casino Royale – Ian Fleming

In order to get a Russian operative killed by his own side, James Bond must play a high stakes Baccarat game and win, for to lose might mean more than just losing money.

Written in 1953, Casino Royale has not held up well against the test of time. Apart from the fact that most of the details in the story are dated, such as the high stakes, the language and writing style also slow down the book.

While the movie uses a large amount of the plot, Casino does explore more of Bonds mind than the latest movie does. Its a good story for its time, one that would be considered tame by todays standards.

It was enjoyable reading Casino after watching the movie to see what had been used and what hadn’t. I think the movie used the best bits of the book and then made up the rest.

A dated story, one that is interesting but not exciting enough by today’s standards.

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