Book Review – Chains of Command – William J Cauntiz

Crooked cops, drug dealers and mafia are all part of a confusing puzzle that Matt Stuart is assigned to clear up. Not only does he have a dead cop with a lot of money but it looks like a drug war is going to explode in New York City.

Yet another brilliant book by William J Cauntiz. Chains deals with the underbelly of New York City, with drug dealers, bent cops, prostitutes and more. All realistically crafted and all very believable. There are no punches pulled with the plot that twists one way and another. Its a book with a lot going on, and yet you never find yourself confused or unsure of exactly what is going down.

I have never read a William J Cauntiz book that didn’t amaze me and Chains of Command is just as good as every other book of his I have read.

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