Book Review – Cold Sea Rising – Richard Moran

When a underwater volcano begins to grow under the Antarctic, millions of lives are threatened as the Ross Ice Shelf is broken free and begins to move into warmer waters. If the natural threat was not enough, Russia looks to use the broken off shelf as a way to get America to surrender.

Not only do you get a natural disaster, you get a Soviet invasion as well, and in the middle are a group of characters that the reader should care about. Given the correct treatment, this would be a great plot of a classic thriller. This book is not a classic, nor is it really a thriller. The main characters, a confuddled love triangle, the father in law who just happens to be the be all and end all of all stuff Antarctic, just doesn’t matter to the reader. The fact that the world is facing an increase of 22.6 feet of oceans doesn’t really mean much. The effects are very quickly mentioned but because you don’t have a point of reference to who the disaster is happening to, lets face it, who cares?

I like books with good ideas, and to be fair this is a good idea, but rather than being gripping and exciting, it was a struggle to finish it because I didn’t care if everyone died. Everyone was way too two dimensional and cardboard cutout-like. Likewise the Russian plan to take over the big floating iceberg seemed to have been drawn up by someone who owned an Action Man or GI Joe once.

If you are really bored and only have one book to read, make sure it isn’t this one.

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