Book Review – Cosmonaut by Peter McAllister

It was supposed to be a broadcast of an American astronaut on the International Space Station. Instead it became a live broadcast of his murder. The suspects? Four Russian and one Japanese inhabitants of the ISS. The only man trained to deal with this situation, a man who was an astronaut as well as currently being a homicide detective, Edge Reynolds, is called in travel to the ISS and find the murderer. What he finds instead is a dangerous truth that could kill him before he can reveal the conspiracy to those back on Earth.

Cosmonaut starts with a shocking bang and then slows as it builds up to its climax. Published in 2003, after the two space shuttle disasters, Challenger and Columbia, it introduces a NASA organization who has banked everything on the ISS. Filled with convincing technical babble and descriptions, really sets the scene well for the action back on earth. The ISS is very well described as well.

The main character, Edge Reynolds, is like lead characters in many books, beaten to within an inch of their lives and yet, still able to win the day! The name, Edge, is also like something from the 1960′s where Catcher Block is writing about mens fashions. He displays more cop than astronaut abilities with just enough experience in zero gravity to get his way around.

Cosmonaut, Peter McAllister’s first, is a good science based, science fiction book. It is a whodunit, in space, with an additional twist that you are not expecting. At times it feels like it was written in the 1960′s rather than the 1980′s, and the ending was a little predictable/kind of anti-climatic but it is still a very enjoyable book.

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