Book Review – Dangerous Ground – Larry Bond

An ex-pilot uses a family connection to get into the submarine training system. He ends up aboard the USS Memphis which is Captained by a hard driving tyrant. The submarine, along with two female technicians are given a highly sensative mission which does not yield the expected results.

Larry Bond‘s latest book is a departure from the battleground scenario of previous books where multiple story threads are woven together to give a better view of the big picture. Dangerous Ground centres on Jerry Mitchell, a pilot who is recovering from a serious airplane accident. We follow him from accident to him getting placed on the USS Memphis and through his first mission.

The plot is nicely constructed with care taken to build up each character. The writing, while sometimes rather technical, never goes over the readers head. With humour to lighten the mood every now and then, the book is very difficult to put down once picked up.

To my mind, Larry Bond‘s best book to date.

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