Book Review – Dark Winter – William Dietrich

Jed Lewis arrives at Amundsen-Scott base in the Antarctic, he is a fish out of water, a geologist in a place with no rocks. Well, perhaps one very special rock. Before he is able to test the rock though, accidents and violence occur, with the accusing finger pointing straight at the newcomer, Jed.

Set in the confined spaces of a base on the Antarctic, Dark Winter has a similar setting to Whiteout, also has a similar plot but where Dark Winter is different, and ultimately better, is that William Dietrich has managed to get inside your head and puts you on the ice alongside the men and women working there.

This is a thriller as much physiological as it is physical. The characters becoming suspicious of each other as events develop. In a way, Dark Winter is like Alien but with the added twist that the monster is one of them, and as such, the characters, with their individual traits and quirks, are perfect for the story.  The book feels real, and so the characters react in realistic fashion to what is happening to them.

This is a very tense thriller, but one of the best ‘ice’ books I have read.

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