Book Review – Dead Men Rise Up Never

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Murder is afoot in the tropical climes of the Florida KeysPeter Falconer, the son of wealthy parents who stands to gain a fortune in inheritance on his 30th birthday, is missing and presumed dead. Ex-Army investigator Daniel Shaw, who is currently studying law and preparing for the Bar exam, is summoned by the devious–and incredibly witty–attorney Tom Petrie to find Peter and rescue the inheritance money. The pursuit leads Daniel from the Keys to Jamaica to South America, where he tangles with the larger-than-life criminal Raven Ahriman and his partner, Charles Angleton, Peter”s childhood friend who ultimately orchestrated Peter”s disappearance in connection with some dubious dealings in snuff films and the death of two young girls who participated in the filming. With the assistance of Tom; Peter”s sister, Susan, who is devastated to learn of her brother”s shady interests; and Daniel”s hired loose-cannon “bodyguard” Leroy, Daniel tracks Raven through the Mosquito Keys and onto the high seas, where the small group is left for dead on a ship. But after the discovery of Peter Falconer and a heroic escape, Daniel must ultimately face Raven in a battle for his life in this superbly crafted novel by thriller-writer Faust.?

Not a good book, annoying characters, confusing interplay, and a plot that wasn’t so much bad as just dumb. Ah well, ya live and learn!!

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