Book Review – Deep Black – Andy Mcnab

From the Publishers

Nick Stone’s future has never looked as bleak. The only person he’s ever loved is dead. The only people who might give him a reason not to join her have turned their backs. Until a chance encounter with a man he saved ten years ago appears to throw him a lifeline…But on the bullet- and bomb-scarred streets of Baghdad, second chances are in short supply. A simple quest becomes a journey to the heart of a chilling conspiracy; too late, he realizes that he is being used as bait – to lure into the open a man he believes can offer some salvation, but whom the darker forces of the West will stop at nothing to destroy…

Andy Mcnab doesn’t pull any punchs, far from it, he writes ultra-realistic thrillers that can be shocking and yet, not in a ‘shock for shock value’ type of way. Very hard books to stop reading once you start. If feels like real life and nothing is better than that!

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