Book Review – Deep Black: Payback – Stephen Coonts & Jim DeFelice

From the Publisher
A crack team of cover agents.
Word is out to ex-Marine sniper Charlie Dean and his team of the National Security Agency: Infiltrate the highest stratum of Peruvian political power and derail a renegade general from acing an election. All Dean has to do is find a way inside an impenetrable bank vault protected by armed guards round the clock-it’s all in a day’s work for the men and women of Deep Black.
A violent political coup”
But things get complicated when Dean and company discover the renegade general’s second plot. The military madman’s ruse–a nuclear weapon he claims is in the hands of Marxist guerillas, a bomb that only he can rescue…and control.
A devastating terrorist plot.”
When the general and his plot are exposed, the NSA concludes the greatest threat is over. But in fact, it’s only just beginning…

About the Book
Charlie Dean and the rest of the Desk Three team are sent to Peru to help scuttle a secret plan to throw the national election. They soon find that the operation is considerably more involved and the stakes far greater than anyone thought. Original.

While still being a co-written book rather than a true Stephen Coonts book, Deep Black: Payback (nice rhyme) flows well and is pretty enjoyable. Probably one of the better Deep Black books so far.

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