Book Review – Deep Lie – Stuart Woods

From the Publisher

The classic techno-thriller of superpower espionage from New York Times bestselling master of suspense Stuart Woods!

Sifting through reams of seemingly unrelated intelligence, CIA analyst Katherine Rule discovers a chilling pattern: an ultrasecret Baltic submarine base…a crafty Russian spy-master in command…a carefully planned invasion about to be launched from dark waters.

Her suspicions, however, are dismissed by those higher up; her theory, they say, is too crazy to be true. But to Katherine, it’s just crazy enough to succeed–unless she can stop it. If she’s right, an attack sub has already penetrated friendly waters. Worse yet, the enemy has penetrated deep into her own life, so deep she can touch him. And in this game, one wrong touch can mean Armageddon.

Submarines (something I enjoy in books) and espionage, throw in an invasion of Sweden by Russia (take me to IKEA da!) and you have Deep Lie. I bought this second hand a couple of years ago and since I am all out of new books, thought I might as well read it. Its OK, but not exactly a classic. It passed the time.

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