Book Review – Echo Park – Michael Connelly

13 years ago, Harry Bosch was unable to find who killed Marie Gesto and since then has been haunted by the failure. Now a serial killer is confessing to have killed her and to make matters worse, it appears that a lead that wasn’t followed up 13 years ago, could have lead Bosch to the killer before he continued to kill.

While this is a Michael Connelly novel, it has a plot that could have been pulled from a Jeffery Deaver story. It twists and turns as Bosch works through everything to find the truth. Michael Connelly always gives you more than just a straight forward description of a location, often giving you the history behind a place as well as his knowledge of jazz music that filters through Bosch.

Harry Bosch is a shining knight dressed as a detective. He has his faults, he has a lot of history which readers are lucky enough to be reminded off often, and he is someone you would want in your corner. How Harry Bosch hasn’t made it to the big screen is beyond me. He is perhaps one of the best, realistic characters that I read and find that as soon as I finish the latest book I have to resist going back and re-reading all the books again. They are that good!

Echo Park is one of the best Connelly books I have read. It actually felt too short but that is a big compliment when you want a book to last longer than it does because you are enjoying it so much!

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